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Code It

Code It allows users to write code without leaving their Firefox OS phone. The aplication uses the HackerEarth API to help with enabling coding capabilities.  

Added: 2013-11-13
Qr Kod Olusturucu

Qr code maker in Turkish. 

Added: 2011-12-13
QR Maker

Create your very own QR Codes using the QR Maker. This App provides a really simple way to generate QR-Codes from URLs, Text Messages, Phone Numbers or Text. QR codes may be used to display text to the user, to open a URL, or to compose text messages. To use with other browsers, just open directly.  

Added: 2011-11-23
Zazzle, GoogleChart 
HTML Instant - Real-time HTML editor and Search Engine

Real-time HTML/CSS/Javascript editor and advanced Search Engine dedicated to web development and design. 

Added: 2010-10-11
GoogleCustomSearch, Blogger is a new online service designed to help developers manage and analyze their error data. 

Added: 2010-09-17
Twilio, GoogleAppEngine 
Flickr Shapefiles Demo

Demo of Flickr Shapefiles usage in Flash. Uses ModestMaps AS3 system for the web mapping together with Bing imagery. The source code is available in 

Added: 2010-06-14
Flickr, BingMaps 
Maponics ZIP Code Boundaries

This mashup allows users to enter a US address and returns a map of the address point within the ZIP Code polygon. 

Added: 2009-11-16
PHP Link Directory

phpLD is a script that creates a business directory that allows for the display of Google maps with each listing that is added to the directory. 

Added: 2009-08-07

Share code with developers through Twitter. Provided as a plugin for Eclipse (initially), use it to select a file or snippet of text in an editor and share it on Twitter. 

Added: 2009-05-20
Twitter, AmazonS3 for Mobile

Get the source code of for mobile on top of fring and see how easy it is to build additional mobile apps, integrating community and streaming music. Written in PHP. 

Added: 2009-05-05
Fring, LastFM 

Twitter's cheats, tweaks, tools. 

Added: 2009-03-24
Weather by Phone

A Twilio howto where you use Python to ask a caller for a zip code, grab the current weather for that zip code from an RSS feed, and read it back to the caller. All hosted on Google App Engine. 

Added: 2009-02-04
Twilio, GoogleAppEngine 

Copy a line of JavaScript and MapMyPage will add Google Maps to all the locations in the page. Designed to be a easy way for bloggers and website owners to add Google Maps to any website. Uses 5 different APIs. 

Added: 2008-11-23
Wikipedia, Panoramio, MetaCarta, GoogleMaps, GoogleEarth 

Search source code on Google Code containing the word poetry. Vivid layered presentation and visualization via Flash movie.  

Added: 2008-10-03
Google, GoogleCodeSearch 

UMapper is a universal map authoring application that allows you to create interactive mapping mashups. Supports multiple map apis including Google Maps, VE, and OpenStreetMaps. 

Added: 2008-08-26
OpenStreetMap, MicrosoftBingMaps, GoogleMapsFlash 

Commercial toolkit to quickly build a custom Associate Store with thousands of items. 

Added: 2008-05-25
DZone Preview

Preview the new links at using this Google gadget. Dynamically add or remove tabs for the tag of your interest from the tag cloud. 

Added: 2008-01-15
GoogleHomepage, GoogleDesktop 
Wii Earth

Example application and source code showing how to use the Nintendo Wii to control 3D Virtual Earth maps. Take the Virtual Earth control out of the web browser, use it in a WinForms application, and control it with a Nintendo Wii Remote. 

Added: 2008-01-01
Map Channels

Embed a custom Google Map into your site. Options allow embedding one or more KML or GeoRSS sources, index sidebar options, and the ability to add map filters and search channels onto one map. 

Added: 2007-11-16
Zvents, Upcoming, GoogleMaps, GeoNames 

XSSDB provides an intelligent way for browsing and learning about different Cross-site scripting, XSS, attack vectors. 

Added: 2007-08-10


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