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Prezi Real Time Collaboration

This map displays how many Prezi users are collaborating across the world at any one time. This powerful visualization is displayed using Google Maps.  

Added: 2013-08-01
GoogleMaps is "Google Docs for visual people". An online flexible canvas where teams of creatives designers can collaborate and work together. Users can map their research, collect visual references into a shared, live moodboard, and add and arrange screenshots. 

Added: 2013-06-15

Basecamp is a project management resource.  

Added: 2012-12-16

Koderank is an online whiteboard that allows for quick and easy code interviews. Interviewers can give candidates small coding exercises to gauge their abilities. 

Added: 2011-08-29
Twilio, GoogleAppEngine 
TimeBridge and

Allows users to share files from their Box accounts using TimeBridge, where they can discuss and collaborate around them in real-time with other users. 

Added: 2010-04-17
Fuze Meeting and

Allows users to send files from their Box accounts to Fuze Meeting, where they can discuss and collaborate around them with other users. 

Added: 2010-03-21
ConceptShare and

An integration that allows users to send files from their accounts directly into ConceptShare, where other users can discuss them and offer feedback in a real-time setting. 

Added: 2010-02-19
ConceptShare, Box

Easy meeting collaboration using a as the center for collecting content related to the meeting. 

Added: 2008-12-11

Code collaboration tool for web developers with Basecamp integration. Besides importing people, messaging development log, you can review closed tasks and approve them or not directly on a site, seeing how the work is actually done. 

Added: 2007-05-21

TutorLinker is a tool which helps you find a tutor in your area for your tutoring needs. 

Added: 2007-01-24
Live Documents

Peer-to-peer collaboration engine built on the Skype API that converts mainstream productivity applications such as the Microsoft Office suite from static standalone tools to interactive, collaborative platforms. 

Added: 2006-09-13


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