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BeeLiked, is a new social media marketing tool built specifically to help you maximise engagement with BeeLiked campaign features, and then manage and promote your contest with our social dashboard. The platform enables you to launch a Twitter contest within minutes, manage and moderate entries with minimal hassle, and then pick winners ethically and quickly. 

Added: 2012-11-08
Ugliest Kitchen Contest

Voted on by visitors. The kitchen with the most 'Ugly Points' wins. The Grand Prize winner will be selected one month after the date that total number of contest entries reaches 400. 

Added: 2010-07-23
In Their Honour

A virtual war memorial for Australian service men and women buried around the world. 

Added: 2010-01-23
FixMyCity DC

FixMyCity DC provides a tool for reporting public services issues (downed trees, potholes, etc.) to the city of Washington D.C. and received an honorable mention in the Apps for Democracy competition. 

Added: 2009-10-24
This We Know

This We Know lets you get local and explore government data about your community. Enter your city or zip code and get a list of facts. Click an individual item and be taken to a breakdown of the data. Finalist in Apps for America 2 contest.  

Added: 2009-08-26, GeoNames 

Finalist in the Apps for America 2 mashup contest. provides access to a database of articles from the Federal Register, the journal of the federal government. use filters to decide what is important to you.  

Added: 2009-08-26

First prize winner of 2009 Apps for America mashup contest. Filibusted tracks the frequency at which senators try to stall legislation through filibustering. An 'obstruction rate' is shown for each US senator. 

Added: 2009-04-22
Hello, Congress

Winner of 3rd place in Apps for America contest, Hello Congress lets every Senator and Representative get their own site where their staff can request research, search its briefing room of over 2000 documents and talking points, and track in a dashboard. 

Added: 2009-04-22
Ten Word Moo Card

Ten Word Moo Card takes the best rated reviews from The Ten Word Review, a site where you can review anything you like as long as you do it in exactly ten words, and creates Moo cards from them. Winner of the Moo API contest 2008. 

Added: 2008-10-13

Moomazon lets you create business cards for a book, using details from 

Added: 2008-10-13
MOO, AmazonProductAdvertising 
Mobilizing the Moo with MMS

A simple app that receives an MMS sent to a shortcode and posts that into the MOO card creation service. It then SMS the user back with a easy URL that they can visit to continue to design and order the product. 

Added: 2008-10-13

TuneChimp lets you discover the best music from any artist: Listen to top tracks, learn more about them through videos, photos, bios, news, and lyrics. This mashup uses APIs including Yahoo Boss, and Flickr. 

Added: 2008-09-29
YahooBOSS, LastFM, Flickr 
WeatherBug Eclipse Plug-in

The WeatherBug Eclipse plug-in lets you get live weather data and weather forecasts directly in the Eclipse platform. Get live weather by location, for a 7 day range, and other features. WeatherBug contest winning mashup. 

Added: 2008-07-31
Weather Curve

Get a weather forecast for your next trip with WeatherCurve. Enter two cities and it mashes up Google Maps routing information with WeatherBug forecasts to show you the forecast along your route. 

Added: 2008-07-31
WeatherBug, GoogleMaps 
The Skymap

The Skymap is a new application that uses GPS-enabled mobile devices to display the current sky at the users current location. WHERE mashup contest winner. 

Added: 2008-06-13

WHERE contest winner. Voice notes tied to a location. Record private or public location voice notes on your cell phone then listen to them on the web or publish them on Twitter. 

Added: 2008-06-10
WHERE, Twitter 

A platform for improving delivery, monetization and analytics of online video. This platform is built on multiple Amazon web services. Winner of Amazon Startup Challenge. 

Added: 2007-12-10
AmazonS3, AmazonQueue, MechanicalTurk, AmazonPayments, AmazonEC2 

Winner of the 2007 Skype Mashup Competition. Send a fax to any fax machine in the world and easily pay with your Skype Credit. No registration needed, no pre-payment. 

Added: 2007-10-15
Digg City

Digg API Contest Finalist: Digg City shows the 10 newest popular stories. The more popular the story gets, the taller the building. When someone diggs the story a stick figure of that user is added. Figure goes inside the building he has just Dugg. 

Added: 2007-05-28
Digg Charts

Digg API Contest Finalist: Flex application that generates charts comparing popular stories. Additionally, a graph is generated showing a selected story's popularity over time. The user view allows viewing a users popular submitted stories. 

Added: 2007-05-28


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