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Open City Agora

In Open City Agora you can create views that mix several layers of information from different sources including Open Data and Google Places. You can create your own views with the available layers and share them with the community. Open City Agora tries to solve the problem with the big amount of geolocalized data that is spread in different places, making possible to show them in one single view, giving extra values to the Places search. It takes part in the Google Places Api Developer Challenge 2012, you can vote for it in the Gallery: 

SanFranciscoCrimespotting, NYCOpenData, GooglePlaces, GoogleMaps, GoogleFusionTables, GoogleAppEngine 

ReadTracker is an app for keeping track of the books you read. It helps you learn more about how you read, and lets you view interesting data like how much time you have left on a book. 

Small Wide World

A plotting library that allows you to draw arbitrary data as node graphs. Stunning visualization software for practical uses. It outputs svg and png images and has an interactive editor. 

ProgrammableWeb, MySpace, MTV 
Supermetrics Data Grabber

Supermetrics Data Grabber fetches your Google Analytics, AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook & YouTube data to MS Excel on Windows and Mac. Eliminate time-consuming manual data fetching, processing and visualization work. Designed especially for people working with lots of sites / PPC campaigns / Facebook pages, to make it easier to get all the data in one place.  

YouTube, GoogleAnalytics, GoogleAdWords, Facebook, Bing 
Top Secret America

This Washington Post mapping mashup displays the rise of domestic counter-terrorism organizations in america.  

TTC Pass

TTC Pass is a crowd-sourced project where Torontonians can share their knowledge on the different places to buy TTC metro passes. Anyone can update the map to indicate what pass types are available at a given location and which payment option they support. 

WelcomeToYourData WordPress Plugin

This plugin pulls data from a variety of sources and correlates it together along with stats about your blog. See trends and find reasons for spikes in traffic 

PeerIndex, GoogleAnalytics 

A one-stop marketplace for mapping. It supplies geospatial professionals with the ability to store, search, and exchange high-resolution mapping products. 

OpenLayers, MaxMindGeoIP, MapQuestGeocoding, GeoNames, AmazonS3, AmazonEC2 

Wikidi makes it easy to compare stuff. Our data is free to view, edit or share. You can easily compare and search by features. 



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