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jiffr - get a date without words

jiffr is a picture based dating service that works without words. You introduce yourself without words, only using the language of your flickr pictures and so you get a date without words. This is a free service.  

Love Calculator

Calculate the chance of a successful relationship between you and your lover, find out if the relationship will work out.  

MapLuv Hot Or Not

Browse world wide HotOrNot users on this Google Map. NOTE: as of March 30 2007 appears to be dead. 

YahooGeocode, HotOrNot, GoogleMaps 

Map based social networking. Registration required. Seems sparsely populated. 

Match 2 Friends

Match 2 Friends allows your friends get the right date for you in a secure way avoiding embarrassment. Secure dates; your friends can only match you with their friends so you have always at least one friend in common with your match. The more friends that like your match the more secure the date, so you will never get a date with a total stranger. Zero embarrassment; you can like a match anonymously and wait for your match to also like you without him or her knowing that you like her or him. If both people that are matched like each other then they will be notified after a random amount of time so neither can know who liked the other first. 

Mate Matcher

Chart your love compatibility with up to five potential mates. 


Dating site that also incorporates YouTube videos. 

MiniDates is an online speed dating application that connects singles via actual phone conversations rather than impersonal chat rooms or emails. Along the same lines of speed dating, our phone conversations or "mini dates" are limited to three minutes each. This is enough time for users to meet each other and chat but not too much time in case someone isn't interested or doesn't feel a connection. When the three minutes are up, users are asked if they would like to continue the conversation. If both users say "yes", the connection stays open and they can talk on for as long as they want. But if someone says "no", the connection is closed and both people go their separate ways. No hurt feelings, no need to "let her down easily" and no awkward, half-hug on your doorstep. 

Twilio, Facebook 

Simple and free Twitter dating system. 

Twitter, GoogleMaps 

A crush system for Facebook. Tell the system who you would like to become better friends with, date, or have a fling with, and if they feel the same way, you'll be sent an e-mail. 


Need an excuse to get out of an annoying conversation? On a date that just won't end? Ask to SMS or call you, and get outta there. 

TwilioSMS, Twilio 

Rolemance makes it easy to spice up your relationship with flirtatious texting. You each control the dialogue, intimacy and outcome with simple A and B choices. Start a rolemance from any phone, anytime you're in the mood. 

TwilioSMS, Twilio 

The ScoreSum game tests how good you are at guessing peoples HOT or NOT ratings. With an added twist. 

Singles For Foursquare

Singles is an iPhone app for location-based dating. It builds on the Foursquare API to let users see and chat to other singles at the locations that they check into 

Speed Phone Dating

Allows people to register for 10 minute speed dating seminars that are conducted over the phone. All calls are dialed using a Twilio number for the caller ID, keeping the user's phone numbers private. 

Twilio, Facebook 

Tastebuds is a dating service that uses the API to match single people based on their music tastes. 

YahooQueryLanguage, MusicBrainz, LastFM 


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