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When Did You Join FriendFeed?

Find approximately when you started posting to FriendFeed. 


Enter your user ID for any of the supported web sites to look up the date you first joined, and shout it out on Twitter with our convenient tweet links. Or look up other users join dates. 

Twitter, LastFM, Flickr, EBay, Digg 
Where Do You Live

Visitors can buy t-shirts, coffee mugs, bags, or stickers with their own mythical place and slogan. Site creates a made-up term, then lets users customize it with pre-selected slogans and graphics. 

Where's Tim Hibbard?

See where Tim is now: he always carries a GPS-enabled mobile phone and data gets plotted on a Google Map (also uses Cloudberry and his own EnGraph). 

Where's Tim Mobile

Uses Yahoo Map Images and EnGraph GPS components to show current position of Tim Hibbard, developer for EnGraph. 


WhereTheEL is the first site to provide rider-generated live tracking of the Chicago CTA El transit system. Integrates Twitter with Google Maps. 

Twitter, GoogleMaps 

A free social networking/micro-blogging service that allows sending and receiving updates known as a Whisp, which can contain up to 300 characters. Contact people via SMS. 

Who Clicks My Links

Find out who clicks the links that you tweet. 

Twitter, GoogleAppEngine, 
Who went viral

Get the most viewed, most popular, most responded to, or most discussed videos in any category, such as Comedy, How To, People, Entertainment, or Music. You can specify a region and a time range. 

YouTube, Twitter

A search engine for finding similar Websites or tools. 

WiGLE Demo

Wireless Geographic Logging Engine, WiGLE, helps map wireless networks. View the demo of Chicago. 

Wii Enterprise Remote

Demo of a setup using the Nintendo Wii remote to simulate a PC mouse, then integrate with an existing Ruby on Rails application connecting to an SAP BW resource planner. This might allow a manager to view and plan upcoming projects from the Wii. 

Wii Seeker

A mashup to help consumers locate a Nintendo Wii. Provides retail addresses, locations, shipment dates, and local ebay auctions 

GoogleMaps, EBay, AmazonProductAdvertising 
Wiicode Cards -

WiiCard generator uses the API to create some cool cards for you to give out to friends and fellow gamers at Wii events and meet ups. 

Wiki By Phone

Wiki by phone gives you access to wikipedia articles via any phone. 

Wikipedia, Twilio, GoogleAppEngine 
Wiki Widgets

Allows embedding of editable widgets in a Wiki and provides a simple framework for writing new widgets. 

Twitter, Google, GoogleMaps, GoogleCalendar 
Wikipedia Category Explorer

A fast way to browse Wikipedia categories.  

Wikipedia, DBpedia 

Using the Google Maps API and the Korean Portal Blog API for travel like Wikipedia. In Korean. 

Windows Live Contacts Map

Maps the addresses of your Windows Live Contacts from Messenger, Mail, etc., using Virtual Earth 

LiveContactsJS, MicrosoftBingMaps 

Find wineries by location and varietal. As they say "So many little time". 



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