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#LinS Stats on Your LinkedIn Social Graph

Get some shiny stats about countries, cities and industries your contacts are from. 

LinkedIn, GoogleChart 
A B2B Mashup to get Linkedin Users on Your Site

Content websites are just too dull. Business to business can use Linkedin to get real people on their websites. Combine it with Wordpress, Vimeo, Slideshare, Twitter and Flickr and you have a B2B mashup as your website. 

Vimeo, Twitter, SlideShare, LinkedIn, Flickr 
About Nokia

A web site about Nokia that use Google Maps, Search and Video APIs. 

Google, GoogleMaps 
All-in-one Dashboard Widget for

Visualizes opportunities, leads, cases and accounts in a single interactive chart report. Allows drill-down and grouping by type, source, stage, status, industry, country, etc. Generates list reports with click-through to your account. 

Amanda Open Source Backup

Amanda Enterprise is a certified, tested, and supported version of the popular Amanda open source backup and recovery tool. Amanda can now use Amazon S3 to backup, archive and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the Internet. 

Appature onKey

A solution designed to work with Microsoft HealthVault data. Enterprise marketing suite and onKey Web site application help get you up and running with your HealthVault-related project. 

Arrowpointe Maps

Arrowpointe Maps is an on-demand application that facilitates a conversation between and MapQuest. This application has been superseded by Geopointe. Look for Geopointe here on Programmable Web. 

Salesforce, MapQuest 
Ascendify Talent Community

Ascendify makes it more efficient for enterprise companies to connect with future talent - think "lead nurturing of future employees." We transform a static listing of jobs and complicated application process at a company's website into an active, engaging talent community. Companies use Ascendify to build employment brand and amplify social referrals which drives down recruiting costs, reduces time to hire, and improves the quality of candidates. 

TokBox, LinkedIn, Facebook, AmazonEC2 
Autodesk Freewheel and

Allows users to preview Autodesk files from within their Box accounts. 

Box, Freewheel 
Avoka Transact + DocuSign

Avoka Transact is an unparalleled design-once, deploy anywhere all-digital data collection platform for enterprise. It is available in both browser and app formats, making it the perfect vehicle for DocuSign’s electronic signatures. It allows users to quickly create electronic and mobile forms and deploy them to multiple platforms and devices from one design. Customers or field staff can quickly complete and sign these forms using DocuSign making this an end-to-end all-digital data collection solution.  


Advanced Reporting and analytics for Basecamp. bcToolkit provides management overview reporting for Basecamp projects and time tracking. 

Big Contacts

Full featured commercial service to track contact data, notes and history. Free level allows 500 contacts. Integrates with Skype, S3 and Alexa Thumbnail services. 

Skype, AmazonS3, AlexaThumbnail 
Billing Software Download

Offers billing software for creating or modifying invoice reports and provides IE password recovery. Uses the US Postal Service API. 


BookFresh is online scheduling and appointment booking application that integrates voice using the Twilio API. 

Twilio and Live Documents

This integration allows Box users to send documents directly to Live Documents, edit them, and save them back to Box. 

BusinessWeek with LinkedIn

BusinessWeek magazine will use the LinkedIn API to embed links within content that allows you to click on a company name and see who you are connected to via LinkedIn. Note: not yet live as of Dec 11th 2007. 

Call My Team

Call your team into a conference on demand. Initiate a conference call by calling (404) 939-4907, entering the 5-digit ID, and then you have your team on the phone. 


Centrify for SaaS eliminates password sprawl with single sign-on (“SSO”) for Concur and thousands of SaaS apps — and Zero Sign-On (“ZSO”) for mobile apps — while giving enterprises centralized control over access to ever-increasing numbers of SaaS applications.  

ChatStat Live Chat for Sales and CRM

ChatStat is live chat software that companies use to connect directly with their customers and prospects. By embedding the Jigsaw API, ChatStat gives name, title, company, and contact details for site visitors at the beginning of every chat.  


Import Basecamp time in to QuickBooks. 



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