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Mashup Keyword

A Mashup that takes a keyword and then fetches photos, videos, blog, news and events. Developed using the Zend Framework.  

YouTube, Yahoo, YahooImages, Rhapsody, LyricWiki, LastFM, Google, Flickr, Eventful 
Meetup for the iPhone

Find Meetup groups in your area based on topic keyword and current geographic location. 

Meetups Coming To Town

Shows the incoming meetup events on a map in the user's neighborhood. 

Meetup, GoogleMaps, GoogleGears 

Yahoo Maps, Local Search, Traffic Reports and Upcoming Events all mashed together. 

YahooTraffic, Yahoo, YahooMaps, Upcoming 
Mobile EVDB Events Search

Using this service, search for local events on EVDB from your cell phone, WAP, SMS, email or toolbar, using the 411Sync Mobile API. 

Eventful, 411Sync 
Music Enthusiast

Search for your favorite artist. Be able to visually see locations of their upcoming concerts and events. Check out their hottest videos on YouTube. 

YouTube, GoogleMaps, Eventful 

Gives an RSS feed of who from your top 50 artists in are coming to your town. 

Upcoming, LastFM

Search tool for music fans where you can find MP3s, YouTube videos, Flickr images, news, songs, events, blog posts, podcasts, websites, and articles about artists. 

YouTube, Technorati, LastFM, Flickr 
My Sports Tickets

Buy NBA, MLB, and NFL Tickets. Includes venue mapping. 

GoogleMaps is a new website that provides an easy, comprehensive, and personal way to plan an at-home party. MyPunchbowl includes a useful mashup of party stores searchable by zip code, displayed on a google map. 

YahooGeocode, GoogleMaps, Plaxo, Flickr, YouTube 
NavDog Maps

Use for finding community events, fairs, carnivals, charity events, sales, promotions, open houses, road side markets and vendors. 

MicrosoftBingMaps Free MP3s is a German online magazine. They mashed up free and legal promo MP3s on the net with tour dates, Amazon CD reviews, YouTube videos and akuma MP3 download store. 

YouTube, Upcoming, LastFM, AmazonProductAdvertising 
New York Art Beat - Bubble Machine

A visualization of events. Bubbles featuring the most popular art and design events in New York City. Built using the Art Beat API. 

Newsmakers of the Day

Mashup of ClearForest and Google Calendar. It places an unobtrusive icon at the top of each day. Click icon for snapshot of people, companies, products and locations in the news. You can drill down to the original news article. 

GoogleCalendar, ClearForest 
Next Event Stats FeedFlare

Displays a blog owners next event, and the number of Yes and Maybe responses received so far. 

NiteFly: The Future of Nightlife

See Manhattan Nightlife from a bird's eye view and find your scene with our built in real time Twitter feeds and Foursquare Tips/Checkin Data. Check out your favorite spots by Male:Female ratio so you find the night you're looking for.  

Yelp, Twitter, GoogleMaps, Foursquare, Facebook 
Official Flickr Map

Millions of Flickr photos have been geotagged and placed on a Yahoo Map. Uses the recently added Geo features of Flickr. Add a special tag for photos from events and they will be linked to that page automatically. 

YahooMaps, Upcoming, Flickr 
on AIR Bus Tracking Map

Map to show you the current location of the Adobe on AIR promotional tour bus. 

Oxford Geeks

Oxford Geeks aims to pull together information about the geek community in and around Oxford, UK. The site combines local events, photos and blogs by local developers. 

WebThumb, Upcoming, Flickr 
Party gator

A free app that combines facebook events with google maps location service. 

GoogleMaps, Facebook 


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