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A way to stay connected with MSN and Facebook, play games, watch music videos, and be oOrganized. 

YahooMusic, Twitter, MSNMessenger, GoogleTalk, Facebook 
Alert The Boss | Instant Customer Feedback Solution

AlertTheBoss is your vehicle to build a broadcast-ready cell phone list. Enabling communication with your customers via text message to resolve problems, reward customers with "text only offers", and leverage Facebook and Twitter to publicize your positive feedback. 

TwilioSMS, Twilio

Turn your LinkedIn and Facebook profile into Europass CV/Language Passport! 

LinkedIn, Facebook 
Facebook Friend Plotter

See where your friends are located in the UK. Click on the markers to see their details in the information window. 

GoogleMaps, GoogleAjaxSearch, Facebook 
Facebook Search

Facebook Search is a useful search tool for the Facebook social network. It is powered by the Facebook Open Graph API and returns data that is publicly available. Users can search across posts, photos, people, pages, groups and events without the need to login or have a Facebook account. Our service features a unique way to search for images, photos and graphics from the millions of 'Pages' that form part of the Facebook social network. Go further than traditional image search and discover a world of photos and images that have been hand curated by Facebook users. 

Facebook Sentiment Analysis Tool

This tool is written in PHP and it performs Sentiment Analysis on Facebook posts by using the Datumbox API 1.0v. 

DatumBox, Facebook, FacebookGraph 

favrats makes product suggestions based on your Facebook friends favorite movies, music, books or TV shows. 

Facebook, AmazonProductAdvertising 

Brings together Facebook desktop alert programs into one interface. View recent notifications, photos, an alphabetical Friend list, and receive alerts and upload photos. FizzBoost is a companion to Facebook. 

Twitter, Facebook 
Friend Fare Finder

Friend Fare Finder lets visitors see which of their Facebook friends are the cheapest to visit. By utilizing Facebook, Kayak and Google Maps APIs, we are able plot friends on the map and list the cheapest upcoming airfare and travel dates to visit them. 

Kayak, GoogleMaps, Facebook 

Track your friends and unfriends on a chart. Keep a log of all your friend activity.  

GoogleVisualization, GoogleChart, FacebookRealtimeUpdates, FacebookGraph 

Create a unique T-Shirt featuring all your friends profile-images. It is easy and fun to show the world who your best friends are. 

Zazzle, Facebook 
Hawkee Technology Network

Social network for techs with a focus on development and computers. 

Twitter, Shopzilla, LinkShare, Facebook, CommissionJunction, AmazonProductAdvertising 

A site that lets you choose your Facebook pictures and it will automatically create a collage for you. You can then post that onto Facebook or you can order that picture on and item like a mug, pillow, necklace, etc. 

Zazzle, HPLabsMultimediaAnalyticPlatform, HPCloudObjectStorage, FacebookGraph, AmazonS3, AmazonEC2 

locfeed visualizes your facebook feed/stream in an interactive map 

Magento Facebook App

The Magento Facebook app allows you to integrate social shopping via Facebook. Facebook marketing is the most preferred marketing strategy in social media. Every small/big online business makes use of Facebook advantage as it conveys word-of-mouth advertising resulting in effective business. 

Magento, Facebook 
MapMyFriends- A Facebook App

This app uses your facebook login and plots your facebook friends over Google Map in a very beautiful manner. 

GoogleMaps, Facebook 

The Social Media Marketing Dashboard 

Twitter, TinyURLOpen, PeerIndex, Klout, FacebookGraph, Facebook, 
News Flash

24-hour news headlines presented in an interactive world map. Use News Flash mashup to get breaking news, current events, latest headlines, and top stories in more than 200 countries. News Flash is available in: Arabic, English, French, and Spanish.  


player4you is a free player that plays videos from Youtube without commercials and uses a crossfader to avoid breaks between the tracks. A live search makes it easy to find your favorite tracks. You can also login with your facebook account and save and share your playlists with your friends. 

GoogleAnalytics, GoogleAjaxSearch, GoogleAJAXLibraries, FacebookSocialPlugins, FacebookGraph, Google, YouTube 
Score Chief

Score Chief is a game portal. The games are coming from Mochi Media via their feeds. Their score api is also used to register user scores. Users login using their Facebook account and when they get a high-score the script can post to their wall.For comments the Facebook Social comment plugin is used on the portal 

MochiMediaFlashGames, FacebookSocialPlugins, Facebook 


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