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Google Finance Historical Data

Simple chart displaying one year of historic stock data. This is a chart based on the default CSV import from Google Finance. You can add start and end date to the URL to get more data. 

Google Finance on Google Maps

Get the latest Stock Quotes on Google Maps. 

Historical Stock Price Comparison Widget

This widget compares and visualizes two stocks over a timeperiod. The stocks and the timeperiod can be changed. The widget uses data from Google Finance. 

iGoogle Stock Portfolio Widget

Instant portfolio assembly on iGoogle 

Intuit and's content management service is integrated with Intuit's Workspace software, allowing users to access their content on Box from within the QuickBooks application. 

IntuitDataService, Box 
Invoicing Time Entries From Mite via Billomat

Import of times tracked via mite into the billing tool billomat. 

Mite, Billomat 
JoomFlix JF Micro - Kiva

Allows a Joomla site to display Kiva microlending information. It also uses Google Maps to display the lending recipient's region. 

Kiva, GoogleMaps 

Keep track of your income and expenses. eBay Direct Import automatically imports all of your eBay transactions every hour. 

EBay, Authorize.Net 
Kiva WordPress Plugin

The Kiva plugin for Wordpress lets people raise the visibility of Kiva by displaying loans in the fundraising stage with a link donate. 

Kiva World Map

This mashup plots the microfinance loans from Kiva lenders on a Google Map. Popups show details on the individual loans and borrowers. 

GoogleMaps, Kiva is a Norwegian credit card aggregator based on data feeds from government run Finansportalen. Using filters, the user can compare the 400+ credit cards in Norway. 

Largest Banks in the US

Largest Banks in the United States with assets in thousands of dollars. 

Madoff Victim Map

Interactive map to see where the many Madoff pyramid scheme victims live. 

Mapified Stock Indices

Geolocated presentation of World stock indices daily changes (thanks to Intraday data are at least 15 minutes delayed. 

GoogleMaps, GeoNames, Dapper 
Market Summary for iGoogle

Foreign markets and major US sector watch list gadget for iGoogle. 

Massachusetts Campaign Contribution Map

A map of contributions to 2006 Massachusetts gubernatorial campaigns. Uses the Google Maps API and data from the Massachusetts Office of Campaign and Political finance. One of the most extensive use of data with layering on Google Maps. 


An alert system by mobile message and email that allows you to receive alerts when the finance feed of Yahoo changes for your specific ticker symbols. 

Money Saver Widget

Daily tips and advice along with quotes, facts, and websites to help you save money. Each day of the year contains a unique money-saving entry. 

NASDAQ Daily Summary by Phone

See which stocks are most active on NASDAQ in realtime using the keyword clipnasdaqactives from SMS, WAP or email. 


gtalk/Jabber bot to show latest stock value from nasdaq. Add "" to your Gtalk/jabber friend list. After this you can ping it for the live stock by entering company symbol (eg. goog,aapl,adbe etc) 

GoogleFinancePortfolio, GoogleAppEngine 


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