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A site that will automatically determine your net worth. Real estate valuations based on Zillow. 


The NolaPro mashup provides users with the ability to access this free, web-based Accounting Suite with standard AP/AR/GL, from anywhere, 24/7. However NolaPro's customization is its best feature. Customizations allow the software to fit your business operations or industry niche for just a few coins a day making perfect fiscal sense. These optional customizations include Payroll, Inventory, Order Tracking modules, as well as International features such as multi-currency, VAT/GST and built-in language translators all supported. 

NolaPro, AmazonProductAdvertising 
Predatory Lending Association

Satirical humor site about payday loans. Mashup helps predatory lenders find people who might take out payday loans. 

Real Time After Hours Nasdaq Quotes

Get real time after hours quote from on your mobile phone using SMS, WAP or Email. Use the keyword afterhr followed by the stock symbol. 

Realtime Stock Quotes by Phone

Get real time stock quotes of your favorite stocks n your mobile phone using SMS, WAP or Email. Use the keyword quote followed by the ticker symbol. Provide multiple ticker symbols, like quote goog yhoo. 

Research 2.0 Stock Portfolio Widget

This widget has been temporarily discontinued while I look for a new home for it 


Mashup of the Findory News API, Google Maps and Yahoo Finance to provide news search, driving directions and stock quotes, provided as an interactive AIM messenger, bot and e-mail bot. 

GoogleMaps, Findory 
Shark the Market

Shark the Market is an investor relations site using Twitter and Facebook.  

Twitter, Facebook 
Silicon Valley VC Funding

Mashup of Google Maps with the most recent venture capital deals and startups in Silicon Valley. 

Skydeck to FreshBooks Importer

Bill clients for the time they spend on the phone. Match your cell phone calls logged in Skydeck with your clients phone numbers in FreshBooks. Log the time you spent on each call to your timesheet where it will be ready to bill your clients. 

Skydeck, FreshBooks 
Startup Warrior

StartupWarrior shows the locations of computer technology companies across the globe. Use the map to find a startup job, explore your neighborhood, or decide where you should start your own company. 

CrunchBase, GoogleMaps 
Stock Cloud

Stock Cloud tracks press releases to programmatically identify business partnerships. 

Yahoo, Trynt, Technorati, SplogSpot, Google 
Stock Information via Mobile

Get stock price, percentage change, 52 week range, EPS, PE ratio and market cap for any stock on the go. Simply use the keyword summary followed by the stock ticker symbol, e.g. AAPL, SUNW, AMZN, GOOG etc. Use from SMS, WAP or Email 

Stock Price Scanner

A mashup based on the Sick Bay Scanner from the original Star Trek. It uses the Yahoo YUI API to capture a stock price and a handful of stock ratios which it applies to the scanner. 

Stock Sector Updates by Phone

A financial sector summary from Google Finance. Get this information real time on your phone using SMS, WAP or email. Use the keyword googsectors and get a response within seconds. 

Stockaholic Dynamic Charts

Stockaholic uses the EditGrid dynamic images to mashup charts from Yahoo Finance. See the Instructions tab to see how to do it. 


Tax accountant locator service. 

YahooMapImage, GoogleNotebook, GoogleMaps 
Top 10 Paid Women

Map of the Top 10 paid women as reported by Fortune Magazine. 

Top Market Movers by Phone

See which stocks are the top gainers and losers real time from Google Finance. Built using the 411Sync API. View this information on your WAP capable phone by using the keyword topmovers. 

Top Stock Tweets

The Twitter streaming API is used to deliver real-time stock tips from the highest ranked Twitter stock market experts. Get the details on today's most tweeted stocks, tags, and URLs. 



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