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foursquarefox | foursquare for Firefox

When you don't want to use your cell. Check-in, view friends, find places close by all from Firefox. 

Added: 2010-04-14
GoogleMaps, Foursquare 
everygain Translator

An extension for Firefox and Chrome that lets you translate anything anywhere. Twitter, Facebook and most forums are supported with a one-click-translation so that you don't need to select the text that you want to translate. Also available as a bookmarklet. 

Added: 2010-04-06
GoogleTranslate, BingTranslator 

The Whys between follows on the Web. Browser plugin to assist in finding out why people follow the people they do on Twitter. 

Added: 2009-11-26
Shorten URL

Shorten long URLs from a Firefox context menu with your selected URL shortening service and display the result in a location bar. 

Added: 2009-05-06
UrlBorg, Trim, TimesURL, Songly, Shrten, Rim, Qurl, Qrcx, Ndurl, Isgd, GoogleURLShortener, Cligs, 
Twitter Search Box

Using Greasemonkey, this utility enables you to enhance by adding a search box to search tweets and help you find out what's happening right now. 

Added: 2009-04-24
Smarter Wikipedia

This extension allows you to explore Wikipedia by adding a related articles side pane to Wikipedia. Additionally, it allows searching of highlighted text on Wikipedia from the right-click context menu. 

Added: 2009-03-29
Wikipedia, DirectedEdge 

Headup is a Semantic Web Firefox addon that brings you content related to your interests, friends and contacts. 

Added: 2009-02-24
Zvents, Zemanta, YouTube, Yelp, YahooVideo, YahooMail, YahooBOSS, Upcoming, Twitter, Technorati, SeeqPod, Panoramio, NewYorkTimesArticleSearch, MySpace, MTV, LyricWiki, LinkedIn, LastFM, Imeem, Hi5, GoogleSocialGraph, GooglePicasa, GoogleMaps, GoogleEmailSettings, FriendFeed, Freebase, Flickr, FireEagle, Facebook, Digg,, CrunchBase, Compete, CNET, AmazonSimpleDB, AmazonS3 

KwiClick is a browser addon that enhances the way you view and retrieve information from your favorite services. KwiClick removes the need to open a new tab to get information from Google, Google Maps, Wikipedia, Amazon, YouTube, FriendFeed and more. 

Added: 2009-02-22
YouTube, Yahoo, MicrosoftBing, Wikipedia, Vimeo, Viddler, Veoh, Twitter, Technorati, LiveVideo, Howcast, GoogleMaps, GoogleClientAuth, GoogleAjaxSearch, GoogleAjaxFeeds, FriendFeed, Flickr, Facebook,, AmazonProductAdvertising 
Search Results Summarizer

Firefox extension adding value to Google results page. Do your Google search as usual and on the results page a cloud of key concepts is generated. Click the "Show text" button, and a text summary of the results is generated below. Patent pendin 

Added: 2008-05-21
Sensebot, Google 
ElasticFox Firefox Plugin for Amazon EC2

This is a Mozilla Firefox extension for interacting with Amazon EC2. The utility lets you launch Amazon Machine Instances and then find, control, replicate and shutdown running instances. 

Added: 2007-12-31
Digg Sidebar for Firefox

A Firefox extension for viewing Digg stories in Firefox sidebar in real time. Uses the Digg API to retrieve the data from Digg. The categories of stories, such as Popular and Upcoming can be chosen. 

Added: 2007-11-05
Shareaholic Firefox Plugin

This Firefox extension allows you to submit the webpage you are viewing to digg,, Facebook, and other places. It also tells you whether the webpage you are on has been dugg and commented on, and how many times it has been saved on 

Added: 2007-08-23

A Mozilla Firefox extension allowing users to view what music their facebook friends listen to and how similar their tastes are. View what music their Facebook users have recently being listening to on and what their current chart is. 

Added: 2007-08-19
LastFM, Facebook 
S3Fox Organizer

This Firefox extension provides an user friendly interface for the Amazon S3 storage service. Its interface is very much similar to the FTP interface that lists local folders in the left panel and S3 buckets, files and folders in the right panel. 

Added: 2007-06-17
Google Hot Keys

A Firefox and Internet Explorer 7 extension that adds split-screen previews, deadlink checking and hotkeys to Google, Technorati, Ask and Live searches. 

Added: 2007-06-08
Technorati, Google 

This is a Firefox extension which allows you to upload, and download photos,files and videos using a user friendly FTP like interface to most of your favorite websites. 

Added: 2007-06-03
YouTube, WebShots, Smugmug, SlideShare, Omnidrive, GooglePicasa, GoogleDocsList, Flickr, Facebook, Box, AdobeShare 
flickr postcard

Send postcards of your favorite flickr images using your Yahoo Mail account and Greasemonkey. 

Added: 2007-03-29
YahooMail, Flickr 
ClearForest Gnosis

Firefox plugin that will identify the people, companies, organizations, geographies and products on any web page you are viewing. The navigation sidebar shows you a meaningful semantic outline of the content. 

Added: 2006-12-24
Online Video Toolbar

Youtube, google video, metacafe, and other good, new videos to your browser. Search for new and top rated video content homepage. Via 

Added: 2006-12-07
YouTube, YahooVideo, GrouperVideo 
PhishTank SiteChecker

Checks the current website you are on against the PhishTank database. Blocks the page if it is a known phish. Available as an extension for Seamonkey, Firefox, Flock, Mozilla and IE and Opera as a greasemonkey script. 

Added: 2006-12-06


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