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Flash Gallery

Create a slideshow on your site. Automatic slideshow generation, customizable design and other useful features. 


Flashfreeonline leverages the FlashGameDistribution so flash developers can automate customized game-broadcasts from the FlashGameDistribution server.  

Flex, Yahoo Maps, and RSS Feeds

Demonstration of a mashup using Yahoo Maps and the new AS3 Communications Kit for Flex 2. Maps GeoRSS or RSS feeds directly onto a map as well as displaying traffic or weather data. Source code available. 

YahooTraffic, YahooMaps, GeoNames 

Flickr Tool developed using Flickr and YahooMap REST APIs. This is an Adobe AIR version of MyFlickrTool. 

YahooMapImage, Flickr 
Flickorama: 3D Flickr Photoset Viewer

Search and view Flickr photoset slideshows in cool 3D layouts: Cover Flow, Carousel, Grid, Spiral, Roller Coaster, and Time Machine. Powered by OpenFlux 3D, aka PlexiGlass. Includes large photo view, full screen mode, thumbnail strip and photo shuffling. 

Flickr Flip Book

View Flickr photos Photo Album style. Photo details include description, tags, and comments. Use the arrow keys to flip through photos and spacebar to zoom in-out. Also includes slideshow playback and Search by Tag via Photo and Album tag clouds. 

Flickr Real Time

Real-time visualizations of the stream of information flowing into Flickr. View photos, tags or buddy icons as they are active on the site. 

Format Festival 09

Part of the FORMAT Festival is a Flash App, PHOTOCINEMA, integrated with Flickr. Displays photo submissions from users around the world. 


A 3D slideshow and photo gallery widget for your Flickr and Smugmug photos. Also available in Facebook, iGoogle, and WordPress plugins 

GoogleHomepage, Flickr, Facebook, Smugmug 
Friendfeed on Flex

A mini-project to show what can be done using Flex and Friendfeed API in a day. 


GeoFeeling geolocates feelings of bloggers on the map, making use of APIs: Google Maps and WeFeelFine which has been harvesting human emotions from a large number of weblogs: LiveJournal, MSN Spaces, MySpace, Blogger, Technorati, Feedster and Google. 

WeFeelFine, GoogleMaps 

A Flex mashup of Yahoo Maps, Yahoo Local Search, Yahoo Geocoding, ESRI JavaScript API for ArcGIS REST and ESRI Geoprocess on ArcGIS online. The mashup helps determine the driving time area that covers the searched locations. 

YahooGeocode, YahooLocal, YahooMaps 
Home Locator

Search real estate listings with photos and maps. Winner of the Adobe Flex Developer Derby. 

Housing Lookup

Flash-based interface for searching for rentals and housing. Uses Craigslist and Yahoo Maps. 


The portfolio site of Ideum, an exhibit and Web design firm that specializes in multitouch and social media. Using WordPress and Flash. 

YouTube, Flickr 

Google analytics plus Google Earth in a Flash movie overview of Islander stats. 

Kuler Patterns

An Adobe Flash and Adobe AIR application that uses color themes from kuler to draw patterns. It also draws at dimensions defined by the user which can be used for wallpapers etc. 

Lobbyist Activity Tracker

See Every Federal Lobbyist in the US since 1999, all their clients, what they charged, and who they lobbied for each client.  

MapLarge,, GoogleMapsFlash, GoogleAnalytics, OpenStreetMap 
MICE Meets Metropolis

Search for business services, hotels and facilities in the region Amsterdam and Utrecht, the Netherlands. This website uses Flash FLEX Google maps and the Google Maps Javascript API. 

GoogleMapsFlash, GoogleMaps 
MoWid video explorer

Lets users browse videos by combining tags together, it's like channel zapping with keywords. Watch while you browse, resize, find unexpected stuff, share. 

YouTube, hostip, AmazonFulfillmentWebService 


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