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DARAO is a YouTube viewer for lazybones. DARAO plays YouTube featured movies automatically without clicks. 


A mashup using Degrafa drawing library in Flex with the Kuler API. Creates generative compositions via the Flash player. 

Dekaf Lovers

AA mashup using Degrafa drawing library in Flex with the ColourLovers API. Creates generative compositions via the Flash player. 

Discovery Channel NASA

Discovery uses the Evoca API for leaving voice messages as an interactive feature for its "When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions" series, inviting fans to record stories and memories of the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs. 


Aggreated news feeds in a dynamic Flash interface. 

DUI Map is Google map based a heat map showing concentrations of fatal DUI accidents. The purpose of the map is to highlight the most dangerous areas where drunk driving accidents occur. 

MapLarge, GoogleMapsFlash 
Earthquakes in Last 7 Days

Real-time, worldwide earthquake list for the past 7 days on Flash-based Yahoo Map.  

Extreme Webcams

Find skiing and windsurfing webcams with this mashup integrating live webcam pictures with the Yahoo! Flash API. Nice use a banding widget to draw zoom area. 

Eye Search

A visual search mashup that uses a combination of AJAX and Flash for its user interface. Search results from Google and Yahoo. 

Yahoo, Google 

An nice explorative Flash-based interface into Flickr photos. With tag search, interestingness sorting, user tabs, and related tags. 

Flash Earth

Zoomable mashup of Google Maps, Virtual Earth and other satellite imagery through a Flash application. Try rotating the compass or building a permanent link to a location. 

NASA, GoogleMaps, MicrosoftBingMaps, YahooMaps, OpenLayers 
Flash Gallery

Create a slideshow on your site. Automatic slideshow generation, customizable design and other useful features. 

Flex, Yahoo Maps, and RSS Feeds

Demonstration of a mashup using Yahoo Maps and the new AS3 Communications Kit for Flex 2. Maps GeoRSS or RSS feeds directly onto a map as well as displaying traffic or weather data. Source code available. 

YahooTraffic, YahooMaps, GeoNames 

Flickr Tool developed using Flickr and YahooMap REST APIs. This is an Adobe AIR version of MyFlickrTool. 

YahooMapImage, Flickr 
Flickorama: 3D Flickr Photoset Viewer

Search and view Flickr photoset slideshows in cool 3D layouts: Cover Flow, Carousel, Grid, Spiral, Roller Coaster, and Time Machine. Powered by OpenFlux 3D, aka PlexiGlass. Includes large photo view, full screen mode, thumbnail strip and photo shuffling. 

Flickr Flip Book

View Flickr photos Photo Album style. Photo details include description, tags, and comments. Use the arrow keys to flip through photos and spacebar to zoom in-out. Also includes slideshow playback and Search by Tag via Photo and Album tag clouds. 

Flickr Real Time

Real-time visualizations of the stream of information flowing into Flickr. View photos, tags or buddy icons as they are active on the site. 

Flickr Shapefiles Demo

Demo of Flickr Shapefiles usage in Flash. Uses ModestMaps AS3 system for the web mapping together with Bing imagery. The source code is available in 

Flickr, BingMaps 
Flickrmap is a web service that allows you to put a flash based world map on your own website or blog. It searchs your Flickr photos and plots the ones tagged with places, with EXIF or geotagged. 


Small flash app lets users write short stories, get auto-generated illustrations from Flickr photos, and play around with the results. Nicely done. 



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