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NP-Food: Exact Cost

NP-Food demonstrates the knapsack problem in the most gratifying and delicious way possible. Get a meal from a random restaurant in your vicinity costing exactly what you would like. 

NYC Cuisines

This map displays the amount of restaurants by category and neighborhood. Using the Google Maps API, the data is displayed on a map that can easily be navigated by users.  

Order Anywhere (Beta)

Order food online from over 30,000 menus. Place your order and Order Anywhere calls the restaurant for you. Your order's status is updated in real-time. 

TwilioSMS, Twilio, OpenDiningNetworkFoodOrdering 
Order Pizza iPhone App

Order Pizza makes it easy to order pizza with your iPhone from any pizza restaurant using the Twilio text to speech engine. As seen in VentureBeat and MacWorld 

Oregon Wine Explorer

Browse the vineyards of Oregon via this comprehensive map. Search by location, varietal or vineyard amenity. 

Paczki Day Map

Google Maps Mashup of donut locations in your neighborhood. Then maps weight loss for later. 

YahooLocal, YahooGeocode, GoogleMaps 

Find the good times. partyGPS makes it easier to locate bars, clubs, and liquor stores throughout the U.S. with Google Maps and user reviews. 


Find pubs in London by location, tube or postcode using this Google Map. 

Pizza Coupons

An aggregator of pizza coupons where pizza lovers can search for deals and coupons for their favorite pizza brands. 

RetailMeNotcomCommunityIdeas, DealSurf, Adility 
Place Mapper

Find drink places in the greater Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington areas. Includes good listings of brewpubs and vineyards. 

Primecard Restaurants Reviews

This application gets a list of restaurants in western Washington state from the Passport Discount site and shows them on a Google Map with the latest Yelp Reviews. 

Proper Pint

A site is designed to help anyone thirsty for a proper pint to sort through the many pubs and night-spots of Dublin. Expansive, up-to-date database. 


A site dedicated to pubs and pub crawls in the UK, mapping is used to visually show pub crawls as they are created and to show the location of pubs being viewed. 


Citysearch and Google Maps and Dodgeball and Yahoo Mobile Maps equals Mashup to plan bar-hopping routes, late-night food. With sharing and mobile integration. 

GoogleMaps, geocoder 
Quebec Wineries Map

A Google Map showing the location for each of the wineries operating in Quebec with links to their websites and related wine information. 

Google, GoogleMaps, GoogleAdSense, AmazonProductAdvertising 
Quick SMS Nutrition Information

"Text (415) 729-3599 with any food or beverage and it will tell you important nutrition facts in seconds. This application uses the awesome DailyBurn service to look up over 400,000 popular meals. Give it a try!" 

TwilioSMS, Twilio 

Randolunch selects a random restaurant for you to try based on your location. Perfect for when you can't decide where to eat! 

Yelp, GoogleMaps 
Recipe Search

Recipes from all your favourite cooking sites displayed for you in one place. 

Restaurant Gift Certificates

I took all the discounts on and sorted them by 3rd party ratings from sites like yelp. 

Yelp, GoogleMapsFlash 
Restaurant Guide in India

This site is for providing a directory like help to locate restaurants using a map. 

GoogleMashupEditor, GoogleMaps 


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