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Track your friends and unfriends on a chart. Keep a log of all your friend activity.  

Added: 2012-10-05
GoogleVisualization, GoogleChart, FacebookRealtimeUpdates, FacebookGraph 

This product is about providing opinion about your friends, about different topics, or practically anything on the web. All our friends have different characteristics, and we either like it or don't. However very few of us let our friends know what we like or dislike about them. 

Added: 2012-02-13

A social utility to keep in touch more often and more easily with important friends from major social networks. 

Added: 2012-02-11
YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, HotwireTravelTickerDeals, Groupon, GoogleMaps, Foursquare, Facebook, Bing, AmazonProductAdvertising 
Twitter Friends Followers Analyzer

Find how many of of your friends are following you back. How may of your followers you are not yet following. View their profile and decide whether to follow them or not using just a click. How may of your friends are not yet following you. View their profile and decide whether to send them a request to follow using just a click. 

Added: 2011-10-12
Stay in Touch

We all have people in our lives we'd like to talk to more often. Stay In Touch is a simple app that helps you prioritize and stay connected to the family and friends you care about. 

Added: 2011-08-18
Twilio, Facebook 
World of Facebook Friends.

Find out where your facebook friends are located around the world. See who else is staying in your city and country. Filter your friends by country and exact location as updated in Facebook. View your friends statistics by location and gender. 

Added: 2011-07-31
MapQuestGeocoding, GoogleMaps, FacebookGraph, Facebook 
Friend Fare Finder

Friend Fare Finder lets visitors see which of their Facebook friends are the cheapest to visit. By utilizing Facebook, Kayak and Google Maps APIs, we are able plot friends on the map and list the cheapest upcoming airfare and travel dates to visit them. 

Added: 2011-07-14
Kayak, GoogleMaps, Facebook 

Mappyfriends is a location based recommendations network that shows your friends where you have been and recommends you places to go. Mappyfriends enables you to search your friends experiences in order to create your own. 

Added: 2010-05-17
Twitter, OpenStreetMap, GoogleMapsData, GoogleMaps, Facebook 

BuddyBlend is a way to easily get all of your friends activities in one location without logging into a bunch of different Social Networks or making friends with people all over again. 

Added: 2008-06-07
Twitter, LinkedIn, FriendFeed, Flickr, Facebook, Digg, 

Brings together Facebook desktop alert programs into one interface. View recent notifications, photos, an alphabetical Friend list, and receive alerts and upload photos. FizzBoost is a companion to Facebook. 

Added: 2007-10-09
Twitter, Facebook 


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