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GeoGuessr is an exciting way to explore the world using Google Maps to guess what area you are looking at. Take a look at the picture and make your best guess, it is harder than it looks.  

Google Earth Puzzler

Fun mapping based puzzle built by Google using the Google Earth API. 

Google Earth Tag

Six-player game of tag on Google Earth. 

Google Maps Flight Simulator

Goggles is a very fun and creative flight simulator built on top of Google Maps. Pick from one of five cities and go. Change altitude and direction using the arrow keys. 

Google Maps Golf

Play a game of virtual golf on Google Maps satellite images. Multiple courses around the US available. 

Google Maps Multiuser Conversational Game

Multiuser conversational game using Google Maps as background. You can play in 2d (Openlayers) or in 3d (Google Earth Plugin). You can enter, talk with other users logged or with virtual users, look at one direcction, take objects, enter to the buildings. 

OpenLayers, GoogleMapsData 
Google Maps Quiz

Fun, challenging map game. Match the close-up satellite image with its location on the world map. 

Google Maps to Browse Warcraft Cards

Google map mashup with cards from the World of Warcraft card game. Browse around the screen, zoom in, and explore all the Heroes of Azeroth cards. 

Guess The Flag

Interactive game based on Google Maps API. Try to guess the correct country below the flag. 

Guess Who is Hotter

A game in which you are shown two Hot or Not candidates and you try to guess which person is hotter. 

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek is a game for MSN Messenger. One player hides in a MSN Virtual Earth Map and the other has to find him. He can ask 20 questions to help clue-in. 

MSNMessenger, MicrosoftBingMaps, MicrosoftBing 
HotOrNot OddOut Game

Game that gives you a dozen HotOrNot photos of women or men and you have to guess their age or their score. After that you can meet them if you like. 

I Do Voices

Like Catch Phrase, but you use your phone instead of a device, and everyone always has a word. Text "play" to start. You will receive the name of a famous person/character. Get others in your group to text that name to the number (without saying it yourself; text "pass" to skip). You can receive points either by guessing correctly or by getting guessed. The first person to a set score wins! 

TwilioSMS, Twilio, GoogleAppEngine 

Play a chess game with iGoogle as your opponent. 

iGoogle EvE Training Monitor

Google Gadget for monitoring EvE-Online skill training. 

GoogleHomepage, EveOnline 

iMaze is an immersive web app that allows users to upload images and then convert it into a maze. Then the user has the option to compete with a friend or take it on by himself. 

FilePicker, AviaryEffects, 500px 
Jigsaw Break

If you solve a lot of jigsaw puzzles: no problem, just search for a topic and convert the images from Google and Flickr into jigsaw puzzles in less than 10 seconds or your money guaranteed. Just kidding, it is a free service. Unlimited jigsaws. 

Google, Flickr 
Jigsaw Flickr

Jigsaw is a puzzle game automatically generated from the most interesting Flickr photos of the day. 

JJ Games sells used video games, accessories, controller or gaming consoles. They sell high quality pre-owned video games ranging from low cost to highly expensive branded games. Uses the GamesRadar API.  

JoyRack Games Google Chrome Extension

This Chrome extension lets you browse through the games under categories such as Action, Sports, Racing, Strategy, Puzzles etc and lets you play games right from the extension. 



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