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Uses the data from Twitter as a sentence generator to create a new sentence. The name comes from the exquisite corpse game, invented by the French Surealists under the name of Cadavre exquis. 


TweetTest is a collection of six mini games that use data from your and your friend’s public Tweets.  


This mashup is a fun tool that allows users to discover who they love on Twitter. You can search using any twitter handle and see who the user loves.  

Twitter Gaki Attack

Cool ninja attacks that you can send to your friends on Twitter. 


Twitter game using random tweets. Guess whether or not the next tweet will... be a retweet, contain a hash tag, or have all the letters of the alphabet. 

Twitter, GoogleChart, GoogleAppEngine 
Ultima 7 Map

An explorable map of the Origin Systems, Inc. game Ultima 7, along with its add-ons and related game, Serpent Isle. I used Exult to extract the map, Virtual Earth to present it, and S3 to host the tiles. 

AmazonS3, MicrosoftBingMaps 

upforgame is a video game review aggregator that gathers game information from internet. 

YouTube, Wikipedia, AmazonMarketplaceWebService is a web service, built with Google App Engine, that lets people share Game Genie codes for Nintendo Entertainment System (8-bit) games. Call to look up a game and have the current codes read back to you.  

Twilio, GoogleAppEngine 
Video Game Trailers

Thousands of video games trailers based on RSS feeds provided by 


VideoTag is a one-player tagging game. Tag some of the funniest YouTube videos, avoid the pitfalls and progress to the next level. See if you can make the top of the leaderboard and become the ultimate video tagger.  

Virtual Earth 3D Flight Simulator

A simple 3D flight simulator plug-in for Microsoft Virtual Earth. Uses the 3D plugin. Comes with source code. 

Viva Voodoo

Use the site to create a voodoo character and subject it to all kinds of fun. It is customizable, so you can make the character look like yourself. Then get the Voodoo Character on a t-shirt to share with friends. 

Wander Mapper

The app lets you create an illustrated version of your Foursquare neighborhood, building a visual game on top of FourSquare’s existing technology.  

Web Kendoku

Play kenken and kendoku puzzles games online. There are also Google gadgets associated with this. 

What's My Ride

What's My Ride is a fun game that uses a survey to decide what car the user would like to own. Vehicle details are retrieved using the API.  

Wheel of Food

The most fun way to pick a restaurant near you. Enter your zip, enter a cuisine, and let the Wheel of Food determine where to eat today. Inspired mashup. 

Wii Earth

Example application and source code showing how to use the Nintendo Wii to control 3D Virtual Earth maps. Take the Virtual Earth control out of the web browser, use it in a WinForms application, and control it with a Nintendo Wii Remote. 

Wiicode Cards -

WiiCard generator uses the API to create some cool cards for you to give out to friends and fellow gamers at Wii events and meet ups. 


Turns a Wii Balance Board into a Google Health scale. Useful for tracking one's weight over time. 

Wings Google Maps Explorer

Take to the skies as an eagle soaring over this slick interface to Google maps. Circle under clouds to catch thermals. 



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