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Visualize your Twitter. Generate a scatter using tweet data for any Twitter user. Gathered via Yahoo Pipes and rendered using the Google Chart API. 

Twitter, GoogleChart 
Twitters on Google Maps

Locations of most recent posters to the Twitter social networking site 

Twitter, GoogleMaps 

This Service is a mashup service using twitter and google maps apis. It displays a users twitter status on the globe.  

Twitter, GoogleEarth, GoogleAppEngine 

Display the best twick about a topic above the google search results. Site is in German. 

Twickit, Google 
UFO Maps

Keep up with the lastest UFO sightings with this combination of Google Maps and data from the National UFO Reporting Center. 

UK Broadband World

A mash up of a broadband checker, Google Maps and Yahoo AJAX. Maps the distance to your exchange and calculates the speed of an ADSL connection as shows a list of broadband providers in the area. NOTE: Jan 07 appears down. 

UK Broadband World

A useful mashup combining an ADSL availability checker with Google maps. Type in a UK postcode and a map is displayed showing the distance from that post code to the local telephone exchange. This distance is then used to calculate the maximum speed. 

UK Camping Map

All the UK's campsites plotted on a Google map, with tools to filter by what facilities the campsites offer, and to find campsites in particular regions or tourist destinations. 

UK Carbon Footprint Project

A platform for a carbon calculator gadget, built as a partnership among Google, the Energy Saving Trust, and RSA. Uses the AMEE engine and draws on the UK CO2 calculator for its data, calculations, and approved methodologies. 

UK Motor Map

A Google map showing all the main motorsport venues, links and events in the UK. NOTE: As of Jan 2007 this site appears to be down. 

UK Pub Crawl Creator

Listing of UK pubs with reviews and ability to have a Google Map generated based a city with starting and ending bars. 

UK Traveldata

Travel advisories in the UK on a Google Map (with BBC Backstage data). 

BBC, GoogleMaps 

UKBirdMap is a Google Map of bird sightings reported via Twitter. Tweets with the hashtag #ukbirdcount, a UK postcode and the species of bird spotted are automatically added to the map in real-time. 

GoogleMaps, Twitter 

Search Google, Amazon, eBay, YouTube, Facebook, Wikipedia and more, all from a single search box. Includes category defaults and quick 1-character shortcuts. 

YouTube, Facebook, EBay, AmazonProductAdvertising 
uMapItUp is advanced mapping software based on the Google Maps API coupled with the Youtube Data API. It allows a user to search youtube based on geographic location, using keywords, author, timeframe, and search radius. Just for entertainment. 

YouTube, GoogleMaps 

UMapper is a universal map authoring application that allows you to create interactive mapping mashups. Supports multiple map apis including Google Maps, VE, and OpenStreetMaps. 

OpenStreetMap, MicrosoftBingMaps, GoogleMapsFlash 
Unemployed in America

Google Maps + Twitter view of Unemployed in America. Tweets split into Eastern/Western United States. 

Twitter, GoogleMaps 
UNESCO World Heritage Sites

50 random World Heritage Sites on a Google Map. Each time you reload it shows another 50 random sites. With embedded photos and links to details on each site. 

United Arab Emirates Social Map

Google Map mashup for tracking places and things of interest in the UAE. 

Units Conversion Gadget

Units conversion, US and metric, for various measurements, in gadget form for your Google homepage or any web page. 

GoogleHomepage, GoogleDesktop 


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