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Aircraft Flight Tracking Demo

Demonstration that tracks a private aircraft anywhere in the world via Iridium satellite network. 

Bike Rides in California

Tour of California Cycling Blog covers 100+ mile bike rides. GPS satellite data, route profiles, pictures, and more information is available. 

GoogleMaps, Blogger 

The blogloc map badge is a small map you can embed on your Website to show your live location. Location can be updated over the Web, via mobile phone or directly via GPS on GPS-enabled phones that support Java. 

GoogleStaticMaps, GoogleMaps, GeoNames 
Breadcrumbs GPS Track Management

Breadcrumbs is a free cutting edge online GPS track management software allowing you to upload GPS tracks with photos and videos for all of your adventures. You will be able to share them with your friends and connect to people who have the same interest as you. Breadcrumbs revolves around Google Earth, which is embedded in your browser. 

GoogleMaps, GoogleEarth, Facebook, AmazonS3, AmazonEC2, AmazonCloudWatch 

Bumpr is a free service storing track logs from your GPS device and rendering those track logs as time-based Google Maps for you to share.  


Free and social vehicle tracking system. Use your Android or iPhone to get live location, record your trips and manage expenses. 

Twitter, GoogleMaps, GoogleChart, Facebook

Connecticut based, New England focused mountain biking community providing gps track data, waypoints, trail maps, event calendars, photos, videos, product reviews and more. 

Do My Sport

Virtual Earth Mashup to help find sports location and event in your area. You can find out about the sports you are interested in and event arrange a meeting of your own at your favourite location. Make new friends who do the same sports as you. 


EveryTrail allows users to visualize and share travel and outdoor activities by mashing-up GPS data and photos on Google maps. 


Fleetflow is a web based fleet management service. It provides access to near realtime asset state data, two-way text messaging, mapping, geo-encoding and other tools which aid in the management of fixed and mobile assets. 


GeoTag Flickr-Photos via GPS track file. Start tracking-mode on your gps-device, go on a phototour, share your photos by flickr and Geotag them. 

MicrosoftBingMaps, GeoNames, Flickr 

From the site: The G4 is a powerful tool for everybody who wants to keep his/her geo-spatial data organized, analyzed and accessible from around the world with ability to share and collaborate with friends. 

WeatherChannel, Twitter, Panoramio, OpenStreetMap, OpenLayers, MaxMindGeoIP, GoogleVisualization, GoogleTranslate, GoogleStaticMaps, GoogleOpenID, GoogleMapsElevation, GoogleMapsData, GoogleMaps, GoogleGearsGeolocation, GoogleEarth, GoogleDirections, GoogleCustomSearch, GoogleChart, GoogleBuzz, GoogleAjaxSearch, GeoNames, Facebook 
Garage Sale Organizer

Garage Sale Organizer is an application to map out Garage Sales in your area. Registration is required. Also features export formats in XML, GPX, and most GPS formats. 

GoogleMaps, geocoderCanada 

Explore the world and see pictures placed directly on the map. You can filter the pictures using the tags and click on pictures to save your favorites in an itinerary. 

Panoramio, GoogleMaps, Flickr 

Real-time GPS-GPRS navigation, GPS tracking, and Internet position exchange system for Windows PCs and Windows Mobile PocketPC devices. 

GPS Tour

Upload and share your GPS-Tracks. Over 13000 tracks for Mountain biking, Hiking, Biking, Climbing and others. 

GoogleStaticMaps, GoogleMaps 
GPS Tracks

Upload your GPS tracks stored in GPX format, and see your tracks and your friends tracks in satellite view. 


At, you can view and download tracks that have been recorded by a GPS device. Search for running, hiking, and biking routes. You can download all of the tracks. 

Panoramio, GoogleMaps, GeoNames, Garmin 
GPX Plotter

Plots points and tracks from GPX files onto Virtual Earth maps. 

MicrosoftBingMaps is a system composed of a Web and plugin for mobile devices that allow recording warnings and URL associated to any geopoint in the planet. These warnings can be show automatically in terminals with the plugin when approaching that geopoint. 



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