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MapEcos Pollution Mashup

MapEcos is a map of US facilities with information on pollution and improvement efforts. Provides information for 23,000 facilities as well as data aggregated at company, industry, and geographic levels. Data from EPA. 

Mapping the Green Economy: California

A Google Map to show the location of California's green companies. The map allows users to search out companies that retrofit homes for energy efficiency, manufacture parts for renewable energy systems, build electric cars or process advanced fuels. 

National LID Atlas

The National NEMO Network's Google Maps mashup of low impact development (LID) practices around the United States. 

North American Environmental Atlas

The Commission for Environmental Cooperation's North American Environmental Atlas Map Viewer and Google Earth Viewer includes nearly 40 layers, ranging from major roads and population density to pollutant releases and marine and terrestrial ecoregion 

OpenLayers, GoogleEarth 
One Block Off The Grid

1BOG organizes homeowners into communities to negotiate group discounts for home solar panel installations. Green "bogmen" have signed up, and they turn orange as they get solar installed. 

One Block Off The Grid

The 1BOG site features a Google Map that shows where people have signed up for home solar panel installations and where they have actually gone solar. 

ParkInfo - Find Public Parks in California

An online portal to over 15,000 public parks and natural areas in California, from neighborhood parks to wilderness areas. Has links to agencies, transit/driving, and 3D views in Google Earth and Bing. 

GoogleMaps, GoogleEarth, BingMaps 
Poke The Habit

The online network for Sustainable Action. Combines multiple social APIs including Facebook and identity services like RPX. 

WindowsLiveIDWebAuthentication, JanrainEngage, Google, GoogleOpenID, GoogleClientAuth, GoogleBase, GoogleAjaxSearch, Facebook, Disqus, Calais 
Renewable and Nuclear Energy Widget

Find interactive data graphs for top countries leading in energy production from renewable, hydro, nuclear and fossil energy sources. Data is from 


Give away the junk that is cluttering up your life or find stuff you really need for free. 

San Diego Solar Map

Interactive map showing solar power installations in San Diego. 

San Francisco Solar Map

Interactive maps showing off existing solar power installations in San Francisco. 

SICPPL Pollution Listing

Listing of the top 100 polluting industrial facilities in the US as of 2002. Includes pollutants for each location and a list of possible health effects (via that result from exposure to them. 

Simple Energy

Simple Energy uses social and game mechanics to engage energy customers and encourage them the reduce their energy consumption. 

Zillow, Twilio, SendGrid, Facebook, AmazonSES, AmazonRDSRelationalDatabaseServi, AmazonEC2 
Social Actions

Social Actions aggregates actions from more than 60 sources including from WiserEarth, using the WiserEarth API. 

The Hemp Cloud

Compare prices on hemp products from hundreds of retailers. Uses ecommerce APIs including Amazon, Yahoo Shopping, Shopzilla and Commission Junction.  

YahooShopping, Shopzilla, CommissionJunction, AmazonProductAdvertising 
TreeHugger GRNDX Green Index

GRNDX, the first Green Index. Similar to a stock market index, but it tracks mentions of certain key green phrases in the media. Lets you gauge how much mindshare certain concepts have and see if they are gaining or losing ground compared to last week. 

UK Carbon Footprint Project

A platform for a carbon calculator gadget, built as a partnership among Google, the Energy Saving Trust, and RSA. Uses the AMEE engine and draws on the UK CO2 calculator for its data, calculations, and approved methodologies. 

Updated California Solar

Heat map of solar power in California from 1999 to 2011. Year selector that allows you to see the change in solar from year to year. Updated from our 2008 version.  

US Green Power Map

Mashup combines EPA EGRID 2006 database with Google Maps to provide a search interface for displaying state-by-state power plants and their associated emissions and generation information. 



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