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Shows exponentially smoothed flu trends in Sweden based on self-reported health in Twitter messages. 

Health Cloud

Health Cloud is a native iPhone client for Google Health, Google's Personal Health Record (PHR). It uses Google Health's API and the Objective-C GData libraries to let you access your health records from anywhere. 

GoogleHealth features online health resources including health news, health guide, doctor and hospital finder and more. 

Google, GoogleMaps, Daylife 
Healthy Lemur

Healthy Lemur is an app that lets you publicly commit to exercise: - Link your foursquare account - Select the number of days per week that you're going to exercise - Link your facebook and/or twitter accounts And you're all set! We will track every time you go to the gym and every Monday, we will post on facebook and/or twitter account if you have reached your goal (or we will shame you publicly if you haven't!) 

Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook 
Hello Vaccine

Hello Vaccine is a SMS Reminder service that notifies parents about vaccination dates for their children. 

HIV/AIDS Prevention & Service Provider Locator

The HIV/AIDS Prevention & Service Provider Locator is a first-of-its-kind, location-based search tool that allows you to search for testing services, housing providers, health centers and other service providers near your current location. 

GoogleMaps, GoogleGeocoding, GoogleDirections, GoogleAJAXLibraries 
MappyHealth - Tracking disease trends, 140 characters at a time was developed in response to the NowTrending2012 application challenge. The team came together with a common mission to build an application that would positively impact public health surveillance. The MappyHealth team shares a common goal of furthering innovation and research that will enhance population health awareness of disease and illness trends. was born from social collaboration when co-founders Mark Silverberg and Brian Norris connected over a single tweet. The team grew by one when co-founder Charles Boicey joined brining a diverse background in research, informatics and product development. The team brings a wealth of experience, within many of healthcare’s diverse and challenging environments. Development of began in April 2012. To learn more about the team, head over to 

TwitterStreaming, Twitter, Heroku, CloudmadeLeaflet 
Mind and Body Script

A social bookmarking site for submitting your favorite links. Others can add links or simply vote for the link. 
Mumbai Health Tracker

Mumbai Health Tracker is a social service that helps to collect and aggregate health incidents across Mumbai. 

Twitter, GoogleWave, GoogleTalk, GoogleAppEngine 
New Hampshire Physician Affiliations

Shows all the locations of a chosen physician group. Click on an icon to see a list of the physicians at that location. 

Nurse Facility Locator

Searchable application for nurse recruitment campaign. Users can narrow results with multiple search parameters and are provided with facility information, a map, demographics and the ability to save sites as favorites. 

YahooMaps, StrikeIronUSCensus 
Outbreak Watch

Outbreak Watch provides real-time disease metrics based on social network interest. 

Pillbox by phone

Identify pills using your phone or IM client. Pillbox will ask you a series of questions about your pill to help you identify it. 

Safe Cosmetics

Curates a subset of Amazon's beauty products that are recommended as safe cosmetics. 

GoogleHealth, AmazonProductAdvertising 
Swine Flu Outbreak Dashboard

A dashboard to track, both geographically and timewise, the spread of the 2009 swine flu (AKA influenza H1N1). It uses a combination of three Google Visualization gadgets linked between each other. Also uses Google Elements. 

GoogleAdSense, GoogleCustomSearch, GoogleVisualization 
Swine Flu Tweets on Google Maps

Google Maps and Twitter mashup that graphically tracks tweets on a map of the United States divided by region. The mashup shows the tweet, the tweeter, and the tweeter's location. 

Twitter, GoogleMaps 

TextWeight is a simple way to track and see your body weight over time. The service will send you a text message in the morning; reply with your weight. Login to the site anytime to see a graph of your weight. 

TwilioSMS, Twilio 

Free online tools for gathering, sorting, presenting and digesting of scientifically oriented information. Interface for PubMed searches, MeshTree, interface to nutritional database, news-/imagesearches, feeds, clipboards and QueryMaker. 

YahooImages, Entrez

ED misuse is one of the largest problems healthcare organizations face today. Nationally, there were 124 million ED visits in 2011, of which the CDC estimates 50% could be handled in a primary care setting. With an average charge for each ED encounter approaching $700 vs. the average physician office charge of $150, every patient redirected away from the ED saves the payor $550. This represents a total potential market savings of $34 billion for facilitating correct use of primary care. Providing people with the tools they need to find appropriate care everywhere saves everyone, hospitals and patients, money and time. Patients receive a SMS from post emergency room discharge. By sending a text to with their problem and current address, we route the person towards the nearest clinic, providing the address and a link to directions (for smartphone users). Many clinics that work with the underinsured also often have variable hours and locations. We've made it easy for these clinics to update their hours and location via SMS so that we can better route users to locations. 

Twilio, GoogleMapsData, GoogleMaps, 
US Dialysis Finder contains data on over 50,000 kidney dialysis centers and facilities. Search centers and facilities in your area, gather information, compare services and research survival rates. 



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