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Place My Past

Place My Past is a family history mapping application.  

Added: 2014-01-29
OpenStreetMap, Freebase, FacebookSocialPlugins 

Lookbackmaps is a simple, yet robust way of visually organizing, exploring and engaging in history and historical photographs through web and mobile-based maps. 

Added: 2013-09-12
Time Machine

Browse the #1 hits from the past 60 years and read the news during that time! 

Added: 2012-01-28
YouTube, Wikipedia 

A simple app to remember must-visit restaurants. Whether you hear about a new place from a friend, blog, or by walking by, Matchbook will help you remember it later. 

Added: 2012-01-04

What were you doing 1 year ago today? Each morning users are sent an email containing reminders of the past including, tweets, facebook posts, Instagram photos and foursquare checkins. 

Added: 2012-01-04
Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, Facebook 

A history of places at which you checked in by foursquare is shown per a venue/month. It is also possible for the place to show by check-in history with heat maps.  

Added: 2011-12-15
GoogleMaps, GoogleAppEngine, Foursquare 
Black Swan Events

Black Swan lets you explore history from a whole new perspective. It allows users to augment over 400 statistical time series (each containing annual data items for as many as 200 countries over the last 200 years) to find out how different socioeconomic developments correlate with certain historical events. Once you have detected a link between a statistical outlier and an event, Black Swan can indicate similar patterns. 

Added: 2011-09-08
GoogleChart, Freebase, DBpedia 
Moveable History

This is the 3rd in the "moveable" series, that started with Moveable Weather, and then moved on to Moveable Tides. This time, this Tropo/Google Latitude/Wikipedia mashup reads to from Wikipedia pages about places registered on the National Registry of Historic Places. (U.S only). You can surf virtually, or actually visit the locations with your GPS-enabled phone. 

Added: 2010-12-29
Wikipedia, Voxeo, Tropo, GoogleLatitude 
Japanese Castle Explorer

A stylish-looking interactive Google map showing over 120 of Japan's original, rebuilt & ruined castles. Plenty of features, overlays, etc. 

Added: 2010-09-09
Monuments: Diversity, Democracy and Freedom

This map and table application displays historical and cultural monuments in Los Angeles, with a focus on monuments that celebrate diversity, democracy, and freedom. Includes descriptions and Flickr photos for over 900 monuments. 

Added: 2010-09-07
GoogleVisualization, GoogleMaps 
Explore the World Sites of India

Explore World Heritage sites in India, such as Humayun's Tomb, Delhi Qutb Minar, Taj Mahal, Churches and Convents of Goa. 

Added: 2010-01-29
GoogleMapsData, GoogleMaps 
The American Civil War Timeline Project

Chronologically and geographically, maps the events of The American Civil War. 

Added: 2010-01-26

Browse the timeline of war and conflict across the globe. Integrates with Freebase and Google Maps Flash. 

Added: 2009-11-07
GoogleMapsFlash, Freebase 
World War Two Timeline Project

Chronologically and geographically, map the events of World War Two. 

Added: 2009-06-20
Island Eye

Island Eye has been created to achieve a focal island portal specializing in the History and Tourism of the Isle of Wight. It also helps support Island businesses and voluntary sectors. 

Added: 2009-06-06
Moment Tracker

Where were you during significant moments in history? Share your story. 

Added: 2009-04-05

A browser for the Web of the past. Go back in time and rediscover how sites looked years ago. See how fast information evolves in wikis. Uses BOSS, (URL patterns as an API), and the MediaWiki API. 

Added: 2009-03-26
Barack Obama Inauguration Map

MSNBC has an interative map highlighting points of interest along parade route to the White House where he will take the oath of office. Has layers of overlaid data that can be toggled on and off. 

Added: 2009-01-20
CNN iReports Map

The CNN iReports Map, set on the Barack Obama inauguration parade route, allows readers to submit their own stories and reports from the event. 

Added: 2009-01-19
Barack Obama White House Journey

A Fly by tour in Google Earth of the Barack Obama journey from his birthplace in Honolulu, Hawaii to White House. With YouTube Videos of some of the stops. 

Added: 2009-01-01
YouTube, GoogleEarth 


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