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This step by step tutorial will show you how to add a map in any web page in 2 minutes. 

Added: 2012-05-01
FanFeedr Examples Using curl

Here are a few sample calls for the FanFeedr API made using curl. 

Added: 2010-07-10
Geolenz Developer Help

The Geolenz developer help page with service descriptions. 

Added: 2010-02-24
LinkedIn API PHP Class Part 1: Getting Started Tutorial

This is a basic getting started tutorial for PHP (in Dutch, but soon to be translated). The PHP Class documentation is in English. 

Added: 2009-12-01
Twilio: Weather By Phone

Weather By Phone lets a caller check the weather by phone. Twilio answers the call, app asks the caller for their US zip code, it gets weather using a remote web service and reads the response to the caller. In Python for Google App Engine with source. 

Added: 2009-09-07
fonolo 4 android

Lets you access the fonolo system from your Android phone. Java source code included. 

Added: 2009-05-13
Java Sample for DocuSign e-Signing Service

A sample Java client for the DocuSign service which includes an example web application called LoanCo. This Java application was built on Apache Axis 2. 

Added: 2009-05-07
.NET Sample for DocuSign: LoanCo To-Do

A .NET sample application for the DocuSign e-signature service. Shows sample company, LoanCo, and a to-do that you need to change and sign for. Full CSharp source code included. 

Added: 2009-05-07
PHP Class for the Google Analytics API

Simple code showing how to log into the Google Analytics API using PHP and CURL using Username/Password Authentication. Wraps the login code up into a class with methods for logging in and then calling API functions. 

Added: 2009-04-23
PHP Wrapper for UPS API

PHP Classes to integrate with UPS OnLine Tools. Developers require their own Developer and Access keys with UPS 

Added: 2009-03-23
How to Create a New Invoice on Moneybird

Example of creating a new invoice inside a MoneyBird account. 

Added: 2009-03-21
Ruby Wrapper for Weather Channel API

Ruby gem for accessing the Weather Channel XML API 

Added: 2009-03-18
Perl Wrapper for Guardian API

Perl library for the Guardian API. Hosted at CPAN. 

Added: 2009-03-17
Using the API in Your Website

Detailed explanation how to use compete api into your website. 

Added: 2009-03-10
Java RESTful Web Services With Jersey and Twitter

Jersey is an open-source reference implementation of JAX-RS, the Java API for RESTful Web Services, JSR-311. In this tip, you will learn how to use the Jersey API to consume HTTP-based RESTful web services from Twitter. 

Added: 2009-03-09
Cache Your Twitter Tweets in PHP

TwitterCacher: Optimize your Twitter apps with this smart Twitter caching library in PHP.  

Added: 2009-03-04
Intro to Google Maps API for Flex

An intro on how to use the Google Maps API with Flex. It goes over the basics on how to add and edit markers on a map and keep track of them in a grid. 

Added: 2009-02-19
PHP and jQuery for Twitter API

Tutorial shows how you can use jQuery, PHP and a little Ajax to connect up to the Twitter API and return results. 

Added: 2009-02-11
Create a Twitter Mood Graph With Ruby

Shows how to talk to the Twitter search API directly then produce a chart of our findings using the Google Chart API. Lets you search for posts Twitter considers to have �positive� or �negative� attitudes, then draw a chart of our findings. 

Added: 2009-02-05
Update Twitter and FriendFeed from the Linux Command Line

This article uses GNU Wget and cURL to send status updates to the social networking site Twitter without the use of a Twitter desktop application, and how to follow feeds from both Twitter and FriendFeed right from the command line. 

Added: 2009-01-08
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