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Sample Amazon ECS Store in Java

A sample application that illustrates how to build an basic storefront using Java, Amazon ECS, and SOAP. 

Scripting Flickr with Python and REST

Article on Flickr programming with Python at By Uche Ogbuji in January, 2006. 

Some Google in Your Apps

Some Google in Your Apps: An Introduction to the Google Web API Using .NET and Java, by Tim Stevens. Full source code using both languages. 

Stripes and Surrealism: Playing with the Moo API

Overview and links to code using the Moo API using Ruby . 

The Amazing YouTube Tools Collection

Collection of links to tools and applications for YouTube. Many use the API, some with code links. At 

The New Bloglines Web Services

Detailed introduction at by Marc Hedlund. Full Java sample application. 


This step by step tutorial will show you how to add a map in any web page in 2 minutes. 

Twilio: Weather By Phone

Weather By Phone lets a caller check the weather by phone. Twilio answers the call, app asks the caller for their US zip code, it gets weather using a remote web service and reads the response to the caller. In Python for Google App Engine with source. 

Update Twitter and FriendFeed from the Linux Command Line

This article uses GNU Wget and cURL to send status updates to the social networking site Twitter without the use of a Twitter desktop application, and how to follow feeds from both Twitter and FriendFeed right from the command line. 

Twitter, FriendFeed 
Update Twitter with Command Line Tools

How to update Twitter using command line tools like curl. 

Use Amazon Web Services in ASP.NET

Tutorial demonstrating VB ASP.NET programming for Amazon's services. By Philip Miseldine at Sitepoint. 

Using BlueDot SOAP API with PHP

Detailed overview of using the BlueDot API using PHP4 and NuSOAP. 

Using Microsoft Virtual Earth and Excel

Integrating Virtual Earth Maps and Excel 2007 Using Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office. 

Using PHP with Carma API

How To use the newly provided PHP5 client to work with the API without dealing with the details of making requests or parsing returned data. 

Using Python With the Bibsonomy API

Guide and sample code for using the Bibsonomy API with Python. 

Using Ruby on Rails for Facebook

Detailed tutorial on using Ruby on Rails for creating Facebook applications. 

Using Ruby with Yahoo Address Book API

In the following tutorial we will show in an easy step-by-step format how to use the Yahoo Address Book API with Ruby on Rails. You can download all the code examples in the article so you do not have to type them in. 

Using Silverlight with Amazon S3 API

Overview and source code for using Amazon S3 storage with Microsoft Silverlight. 

Using the API in Your Website

Detailed explanation how to use compete api into your website. 

Using the Digg API with Ruby

This tutorial will get you started fast using the Digg API in your Ruby on Rails (RoR) application. I am assuming you already have setup your RoR application. 



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