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Captcha Bypass Service

An efficient Captcha Bypass Service.  

Added: 2014-03-02
SecureNet, CaptchaCoin - Web Search is a Mobile User friendly Web Search Engine based on the Blekko API. 

Added: 2013-03-24
Launch Soon

Launch Soon is a Heroku-ready rails site that provides a viral launching soon page to collect users in a MailChimp list before your actual launch date. 

Added: 2012-10-13
Twitter, MailChimp, Heroku, FacebookSocialPlugins 
The Article Checker

Because the Web is full of poorly written articles, The Article Checker will check an article along four dimensions and grade its value. The highest graded articles get a permanent backlink from this page so rank up! 

Added: 2012-08-16

vuzzbox is a user interface for visual web browsing using voice commands. vuzzbox is powered by Drupal, Twilio, iSpeech and Amazon's DynamoDB vuzzbox is the embodiment of the "programmable web". It allows for a variety of uses including: Voice over IP in a plug and play browser client, Fast, accurate speech-to-text conversion from a hosted service, A scalable, instantly responsive data-store that can be leveraged to serve as traffic manager between these API's, browsers and web servers, All programmable with simple calls in PHP?  

Added: 2012-04-01
Twilio, ISpeechAutomatedSpeechRecognitio, AmazonRDSRelationalDatabaseServi, AmazonEC2, AmazonDynamoDB 

4sqwifi enables users to find nearby WiFi hotspots along with the password. It works for locations worldwide. It uses Foursquare's API and its user-generated venue tips. 

Added: 2012-01-07

This site pulls profile pictures from current Twitter activity You're seeing one-pixel line representations of the images scroll down the screen Future iterations will do more, better. The goal is to pull images from the internet as they're uploaded, shrink them down to 1x1 pixel, and fill the screen... all live. 

Added: 2011-11-07

An example site mashing up click to call with Twilio and invoicing with FreshBooks. The app simplifies the job of tracking unpaid invoices and communications with clients about those bills.  

Added: 2011-10-25
Twilio, FreshBooks 

Website analytics and classification mashup Lionyzer analyzes content, environment, current popularity and other parameters, assigns a grade and provides helpful advice to improve a site.  

Added: 2011-10-09
Yandex, Yahoo, GoogleBuzz, GoogleAnalytics, GoogleAdWords, Flickr, Facebook, Bing 

Chrome extension that lets you chat with other people who are on the same webpage. 

Added: 2011-08-28
Little Corner

Little Corner is a website that is used to pull your entire web presence into one place. It runs on Ruby on Rails, doesn't use a database, and is Heroku-ready. 

Added: 2011-06-25
SoundCloud, LastFM, Instagram, Gravatar, GoogleAnalytics, GitHub, Foursquare, Flickr,, Tumblr, Twitter, Untappd 

Ohsopopular is a service to see how popular a URL is on the web. Checks several services like Google Pangerank, Alexa Rank, Compete, Delicious, etc. and assigns a number rank.  

Added: 2011-04-15
Google,, Compete, Bing, BackType, AlexaWebInfo 
Worth of Web

Valuate the worth of any website in this free tool. Find data about earnings, revenue, visits, pageviews and net worth. 

Added: 2011-04-14
AlexaTopSites, Compete gives you the possibility to see how fast your (or any) website loads in a real browser from over 50 locations worldwide. 

Added: 2011-03-05
WatchMouse, GoogleVisualization 
Molu Short to Long URL Converter

Molu's short to long URL conversion instant messenger bot. Input a short URL (hundreds of short URL services supported) and the bot shows you the corresponding long URL. The service uses API and is meant for non-commercial use only. 

Added: 2011-01-06
TimesPeople Mood Reader

Based on the feed of a TimesPeople user, determines the mood by performing sentiment analysis. 

Added: 2010-11-19

Uses the Wordnik API to retrieve random words. Then creates short URLs for users with those words. Instead of generated gibberish, it uses English words to make the URLs memorable and repeatable, in addition to short. 

Added: 2010-11-15
URL Tara IP Lookup

A tool for reverse IP lookup. This site's language is Turkish. 

Added: 2010-11-06

Techweet not only track tech news, but also figure out what topics a story talking about. By topic, it might means a company, a product, or a person. Based on these topics, tech news are properly grouped, top topics and stories also figured out. 

Added: 2010-10-01
Wikipedia, Twitter, GoogleChart, Freebase, Bing 
Binary Canary

A site monitoring service that will call you if your site goes down. 

Added: 2010-07-29


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