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BTER API Java Wrapper

Wrapper for making calls to BTER API through Java 

Added: 2014-04-18
ChargeOver Java Devkit


Added: 2013-09-25
Tutorials and Examples

Tutorials on how to integrate with HTML, Java, Objective C, and PHP. 

Added: 2013-08-08
BulletinMessenger API Java client

A demo Java client that also supports realtime dynamic DNS updates for FQDNs hosted on public dynamic IP addresses 

Added: 2013-06-18

Java Software Development Kit for the Billomat API. 

Added: 2013-02-16

Strongly-typed, rate-limited java client library for Dribbble APIs. 

Added: 2012-04-18
Java Code Samples

Java Code Samples for the Group Texting REST API 

Added: 2012-04-11
Spring Social Twitter

Spring Social extension with connection support and an API binding for Twitter 

Added: 2011-11-30
Spring Social Facebook

Spring Social extension with connection support and an API binding for Facebook 

Added: 2011-11-30
Spring Social Core

Includes Spring Social's core service provider connect framework and web support. 

Added: 2011-11-30
Java tutorial

Howto start and use Warenet API 

Added: 2011-11-15
The Biodiversity Heritage Library source code

This is the repository for code from various Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL) projects, all of which are released under various Open Source licenses. 

Added: 2011-11-03

A Java wrapper for the Instagram API 

Added: 2011-07-25
InstagramRealtime, Instagram 
Chat REST API Java Helper Library

The Java Helper Library provides a set of helper functions to simplify the process of connecting your chat application to LivePerson. The Helper Library is not required to interface with LivePerson. You can implement your own interfaces or use and incorporate the code and examples provided by the Helper Library into your code. 

Added: 2011-06-12
Signed Rest Demo of Adding Variables to an Existing Visit Using the Visit API with Java

A sample application written in Java that demonstrates how to implement the Visit API to add "session level" custom variables to an existing LivePerson monitored website visit using Signed REST. 

Added: 2011-06-12

A Java interface to the BrainHoney DLAP API. 

Added: 2011-06-03
Microsoft Translator Java API

A Java wrapper for the Microsoft Translator API aka Bing Translator. 

Added: 2011-05-29
MicrosoftTranslator, BingTranslator 
Waldstat API source code

Waldstat Oauth Java Example 

Added: 2011-04-20
jBrainHoney api source code

jBrainHoney aims to make interaction with the BrainHoney DLAP API as easy and intuitive as possible. No need to worry about HTTP request management, session persistence, XML parsing and manipulation, low level exception handling, thread management, data modeling, and more. Potential uses include synchronization of data with your student information system, creation of plugins, creation of interactive applications, creation of web pages, and more. 

Added: 2011-04-19
Discomap source code

Discomap is a website for developers and gis experts to allow re-use of our map-services. Any map services here is exposed for public users by EEA or any other website who might be interested to do so. 

Added: 2011-04-12


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