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FuncNet example clients

Some example code in Java and Perl for submitting jobs to FuncNet. 

Getting started with the Buxter Java API Client

This tutorial post shows all the necessary steps to create a buxter enabled application from setup to implementation. With sample code. 

Buxter API Java client

A demo Java client that also supports realtime dynamic DNS updates for FQDNs hosted on public dynamic IP addresses 

Java APIs

Summary of the Java APIs that can be used to interact with the platform. 

Java Code Samples

Java Code Samples for the Group Texting REST API 

Java FriendFeed Wrapper

A Java wrapper around the FriendFeed API. Download the file to obtain it. 

Java Library for Amazon eCommerce

A Java library for Amazon Associates Web Service. 

Java Library for Amazon S3 REST API

A library in Java for working with the Amazon S3 REST interface. 

Java Library for Amazon Web Services

This is a simple API to access Amazon's SQS, EC2, SimpleDB and DevPay LS web services. It uses the QUERY interfaces and patterns the methods after those available from Amazon in their SOAP client for these services.  

AmazonSimpleDB, AmazonQueue, AmazonEC2 
Java Library for Facebook

A Facebook API client implemented in Java, derived from the poorly-maintained official Facebook client. Note: as of May 2008, Facebook has discontinued any support of their official Java client. 

Java Library for the Guardian UK Open Platform

Java client library for the Guardian UK Open Platform. 

Java REST client that supports OAuth

This tutorial describes how to create a simple Zipster API client that supports OAuth using Java programming language. 

Java RESTful Web Services With Jersey and Twitter

Jersey is an open-source reference implementation of JAX-RS, the Java API for RESTful Web Services, JSR-311. In this tip, you will learn how to use the Jersey API to consume HTTP-based RESTful web services from Twitter. 

Java Sample for DocuSign e-Signing Service

A sample Java client for the DocuSign service which includes an example web application called LoanCo. This Java application was built on Apache Axis 2. 

Java Source Code Examples For Ez Texting HTTP APIs

See code examples for all of Ez Texting's APIs. Learn how to send and receive text messages, rent and configure Keywords, perform carrier lookups and much more. 

Java tutorial

Howto start and use Warenet API 

Java Wrapper for Amazon S3 SOAP API

A library in Java for working with the Amazon S3 SOAP interface. 

Java Wrapper for Digg API

This is a implementation of the Digg API as specified in the Digg API documentation.  

Java Wrapper for Friendster API

A lightweight Friendster API client implemented in Java 

Java Wrapper for Google Chart API

A Java 1.4 wrapper for the Google Chart API. Supports all the features of the Chart API. 



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