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Java wrapper for API

Java wrapper for the API.  

Java Wrapper for Photobucket API

Provides access to Photobucket API - main client handles proper signing of the request 

java-twitter - Google Code

This library provides a pure Java interface for the Twitter API. Twitter exposes a web services API ( and this library is intended to make it even easier for java programmers to use.  

Javabook: Java Library for Facebook

Facebook provides a Java-based API, but this library provides additional functionality and benefits. See site for more. 

JavaPownce Java Library for Pownce

A Java class for integration. Well documented Java wrapper. 


A Java interface to the BrainHoney DLAP API. 

jBrainHoney api source code

jBrainHoney aims to make interaction with the BrainHoney DLAP API as easy and intuitive as possible. No need to worry about HTTP request management, session persistence, XML parsing and manipulation, low level exception handling, thread management, data modeling, and more. Potential uses include synchronization of data with your student information system, creation of plugins, creation of interactive applications, creation of web pages, and more. 


A Java wrapper for the Instagram API 

InstagramRealtime, Instagram 
Jrdf - java API for RDF

A library for manipulating RDF including parsing, storage and retrieval via standard means. 

LongJump JavaDocs

JavaDocs for the APIs and beans used when running Java within the platform. (See "Java APIs" in Developer's Index for extensive documentation.) 

Microsoft Translator Java API

A Java wrapper for the Microsoft Translator API aka Bing Translator. 

MicrosoftTranslator, BingTranslator 
Official Java Source for YouTube

The official Java library for the YouTube Data API. Lets apps retrieve and update YouTube content via Google Data API feeds. 

Sample Amazon ECS Store in Java

A sample application that illustrates how to build an basic storefront using Java, Amazon ECS, and SOAP. 

Sample code for multiple languages

Included are sample code and libraries for ASP, C#, .NET, Java, Objective-C, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Visual Basic.  

SharedBook Developers

Code wrappers for the SharedBook API in PHP, Java and Python. 

Signed Rest Demo of Adding Variables to an Existing Visit Using the Visit API with Java

A sample application written in Java that demonstrates how to implement the Visit API to add "session level" custom variables to an existing LivePerson monitored website visit using Signed REST. 

Skype Developer Zone

Skype's API allows developers to create applications that work together with Skype. Its free to use (as in beer) with commercial and non-commercial applications. Skype API is available on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux. New to Skype API? Start here. 

Some Google in Your Apps

Some Google in Your Apps: An Introduction to the Google Web API Using .NET and Java, by Tim Stevens. Full source code using both languages. 

Spring Social Core

Includes Spring Social's core service provider connect framework and web support. 

Spring Social Facebook

Spring Social extension with connection support and an API binding for Facebook 



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