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A Java wrapper for Bing Maps Web Services This library provides a Java wrapper to the Bing Maps Web Services using the JAX-WS API.  BingMaps 
A Java wrapper for Bing Search API 2.0 This library provides a Java wrapper to the Bing API 2.0. It provides a unified interface for working with all the three protocols so that client code works seamlessly  Bing 
A Java wrapper for LinkedIn APIs LinkedIn recently opened their API for public access. This library provides a java wrapper to the API.   LinkedIn 
Amazon EC2 Library in Java The Amazon EC2 Library in Java provides a base library for working with the Amazon EC2 web service.  AmazonEC2 
Amazon Web Services Code Samples Full code samples from Amazon's site. Languages include Java, Perl, ASP.NET in C# and VB.  AmazonProductAdvertising 
API Reference Site Develop your own interactive social apps on the basis of the KWICK! Social Platform and introduce them to over a million KWICK! members.  KWICKSocialPlatform 
Authorize.Net Sample Code Code for developers of a number of languages, including Java, Perl, PHP, ASP.NET, C# and Classic ASP.  Authorize.Net 
billomat4j Java Software Development Kit for the Billomat API.  Billomat 
BTER API Java Wrapper Wrapper for making calls to BTER API through Java  Bter 
ChargeOver Java Devkit   ChargeOver 
Chat REST API Java Helper Library The Java Helper Library provides a set of helper functions to simplify the process of connecting your chat application to LivePerson. The Helper Library is not required to interface with LivePerson. You can implement your own interfaces or use and incorporate the code and examples provided by the Helper Library into your code.  LivePersonChat 
Coding the YouTube API with JSP Example of how to code YouTube with Java and JSP pages.  YouTube 
Desk.Now A cross-platform Java client for the WhereIsNow™ WebService which allows you to know where is the latest version of a document, with just two clicks.  WhereIsNow 
Discomap source code Discomap is a website for developers and gis experts to allow re-use of our map-services. Any map services here is exposed for public users by EEA or any other website who might be interested to do so.  EEADiscomap 
dribbble-java-client Strongly-typed, rate-limited java client library for Dribbble APIs.  Dribbble 
eBay Java Developer Center Use Java or JSP with the eBay API.  EBay 
Embedding Flickr Photos Using Java Shows how to fetch data from Flickr using a proxy client library and displaying the data in a Visual Web Application page. Using Netbeans.  Flickr 
Fb4j : Java Source for Facebook fb4j is Facebook library written for Java developers, by Java developers. fb4j aides Facebook application development by providing a consistent object model to all of the functionality of the Facebook API.  Facebook 
flickrj Java wrapper library for the Flickr API.  Flickr 
fonolo 4 android Lets you access the fonolo system from your Android phone. Java source code included.  Fonolo 


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