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Google Maps Hacking and Bookmarklets

Interesting reference site shows API hacks and snippets. 

How to build a Maps Mash-up

Yahoo! Maps tutorial using PHP and JavaScript. From Dan Theurer. 

How to Use AJAX

informIT article from Kris Hadlock on basics of AJAX programming. 

Integrating Google Maps into Your Web Applications

Tutorial on the Google Maps API with detailed JavaScript example code. By By Jason Gilmore at 

Javascript Developer Center for eBay APIs

Use JavaScript, JSON, or AJAX with any of the APIs below to interact with the eBay servers.All APIs let you make direct calls in your language. Some APIs also have SDKs to automate common development tasks. 

Javascript Library for Pownce API

Libraries for interacting with the Pownce social messaging system 

JavaScript Library for Zanox

Javascript client library using the Zanox web services.  

Javascript Wrapper for Google Charts API

From the site:GChart is a small piece of javascript (packed 2.4kb) that enables using the Google Chart API in a convenient way. GChart translates passed options to a url that can be used to request a chart from the Google Chart API.  

Javascript Wrapper for Salesforce API

from the site: The AJAX Toolkit is a JavaScript wrapper around the API. 

JQuery Example Implementation for WebPurify

JQuery JavaScript example for WebPurify 

jQuery Twitter API

jQuery Twitter API aims to give Web developers the ability to request Twitter public informations from a simple JavaScript function call. 


MashMe is a Music Hack Day NYC app - it generates a mashup based on predicted user taste. Twilio is used as an option to send the generated mashup to someone's phone.  

PHP and jQuery for Twitter API

Tutorial shows how you can use jQuery, PHP and a little Ajax to connect up to the Twitter API and return results. 

Sample Code for Google Ajax Feeds

Step by step guide on how to add GAFA to your web site - use any rss feed urls 


Table2Charts is a free javascript library to convert your html tables to charts using Google Charts. 

Thesaurus Javascript example

Use the Altervista Thesaurus API from JavaScript. 

Tutorial for a IP to geolocation aggregator script

Get better geo locations while aggregate the position from more than one ip 2 geo location service. And as a free service we offer is as a simple javascript api. 

MaxMindGeoIP, Iplocationtools, hostip, GoogleMaps, GoogleAJAXLibraries 
Twilio Client

JavaScript, iOS and Mobile VOIP SDKs 

Twitter Friends Followers Widget

A jQuery plugin that you can embed anywhere to display pictures of your Twitter followers or friends (whom you follow) and their latest tweets. 

Using Speech Input Instead of Touch-Tone

How to use speech input instead of touch-tone input. 



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