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140dev Twitter Framework

The 140dev Twitter Framework is a free source code library containing a Twitter database server for gathering tweets for selected keywords, as well as a display plugin that lets you show tweets from the database in a single line of PHP code. 

An Introduction to Google Maps

An Introduction to Google Maps and the Google Maps API by Eric Pimpler at 

API Description

How To Links and Examples 

Building a simple gadget for

Detailed walkthrough of created a gadgets in JavaScript. Via GadgetNews at Microsoft. 

Building a Simple Gadget for

Good overview of how to buid a gadget for 

Chat API (JavaScript) Reference

Describes the Methods and Callback Methods that are available in the Chat API (JavaScript). 

Code322 PHP Google Maps

PHP Google Maps provides a PHP wrapper around the Google Maps Javascript API. Its purpose is to allow a web developer to easily add Google Maps and driving directions to web pages using PHP. 

Consuming Amazon's Web API Directly with Javascript

Shows how to use the Amazon free XSLT transformation service, the JSON output format, and a bit of plain old javascript to show you how to place live data on any web page. 


Cubicweb-book is a component of CubicWeb that represents books and uses OpenLibrary to obtain information for a book.  

Detailed Google Maps API Tutorial

Very thorough Google Maps tutorial from Mike Williams. Over 40 sections, each with its own example map and code. Many with pointers on things to watch out for. 

GoogleMaps Javascript Library

JavaScript library for integrating into websites. 

Dropio realtime JS streamer JavaScript streaming library. 

Dwolla API wrapper for node.js

Dwolla API client for node.js. Updated to use new Dwolla API endpoints and response format 

ESRI JavaScript API Samples

These samples demonstrate how to use various features in the ArcGIS JavaScript API. Each sample page contains a live demo, a description of what happens in the sample, and the source code. 

Explore Amazon Web Services with AJAX

Very informative five part series from Ajax Magazine on using Amazon E-Commerce services. PHP examples. 

GeoPicker Widget API - Easy Latitude / Longitude lookup for forms

A DatePicker helps people to enter calendar data into form fields. This GeoPicker helps people to easily enter latitude, longitude, postal code, etc. A popup with a Google Map lets the user search for the requested location and fine tune the result by using a drag & drop marker. Another button click returns the resulting geodata back to your application or directly into the form field(s). 

Getting Started with the MapQuest Open API

Brief introduction to MapQuest API at Designorati: Cartography by Samuel John Klein. 

Gmailr: A Javascript API for Gmail

JavaScript wrapper library to simplify access to Gmail from JavaScript 

Google Maps API Documentation

Google's official API documentation. Includes "Hello World" and JavaScript examples. 

Google Maps Applications Development

Good book on using PHP and Ajax with Google Maps. Covers nuances to using the API. By Michael Purvis, Jeffrey Sambells, Cameron Turner. 350 pages, published by Apress, Aug 2006. 



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