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Maponics Neighborhood Boundaries: Recovery by Neighborhood

This mashup allows users to choose various cities in the US and see a map of recovery spending and job creation by neighborhood. 

Maponics Neighborhood Boundaries: Point Geotagging

This mashup allows users to enter a US address and returns a map of the address point within the neighborhood polygon. 

Maponics School Boundaries

This mashup allows users to choose from several school districts and see maps of school attendance zones and neighborhood boundaries. 

Maps Shown To Me

Displaying open data from major Canadian cities (ottawa/vancouver/toronto etc.) on a map.  

Yelp, Yellow, YahooTraffic, YahooLocal, WhitePages, WalkScore, Panoramio, OpenStreetMap, MapQuest, Gowalla, GoogleStaticMaps, GooglePlaces, GoogleOpenID, GoogleMapsElevation, GoogleMaps, GoogleAppEngine, GeoNames, Foursquare, Dailyplaces, CitySourced, CityGrid

A ridiculously easy way to find and print coupons for spas, restaurants, entertainment, services, and more, anywhere in the United States. 

Groupon, GoogleMaps, 8coupons 
Mashspots is a free service to make local search easy to use. Just click on any location on the map to get the four closest spots of the searched item. 

GoogleMaps, GoogleAjaxSearch 

A simple app to remember must-visit restaurants. Whether you hear about a new place from a friend, blog, or by walking by, Matchbook will help you remember it later. 

Media Street Apps

Media Street Apps, a publisher of local websites, uses the API from Yelp to show reviews on all local business pages. is Media Street’s case study and flagship site local site. 

Meetup for the iPhone

Find Meetup groups in your area based on topic keyword and current geographic location. 


metaskim is a news aggregator that keeps you updated on local and world news along with the popular links, videos, tv shows, movies, books and food. 

GoogleMaps, Digg,, DealMagic, GoogleMapsData, Imgur, Netflix, NewYorkTimesNewswire, Reddit, SimplyHiredJobs 

Post location-based messages on a map. Post to mingle, rant or rave. You can post to find someone to have a drink, play golf or watch movies with. You can post to recycle or sell your old stuff or find a job. 

Twitter, GoogleMaps 

A visual Google Maps and Twitter mashup lets you find local updates from local tribunes. 

Twitter, GoogleMaps

Local information and maps for the 7000 main cities and places in Denmark. 

Wikipedia, Panoramio, GoogleMaps, GoogleAdWords 

A weather site that aggregates information about local weather and presents it in a simple visual interface.  

WeatherCentral sends Twitter direct messages, linking to news within 1,000 feet of your address. 

Ness Dining Guide

Meet Ness, a beautiful new way to discover restaurants. Ness learns your likes and uses them to recommend restaurant. The more you use Ness, the better it works. 

Foursquare, Facebook 
Northumberland Fold

Local news for Northumberland County, Ontario, Canada. Integrates local news sources with Flickr and Twitter activity in the area. 

Twitter, GoogleAppEngine, Flickr 

Mashup of Google Maps, Virtual Earth with many other APIs. Ext.js is used to make user interface intuitive. It lets you search for hotels, photos, restaurants, wifi spots, local news/blogs, events, weather, and many other spatial data. 

YouTube, Yelp, YahooLocal, Panoramio, MicrosoftBingMaps, GoogleMaps, Flickr, Eventful is an online shopping mashup. It mixes and mashes Amazon Web Services, Google Maps, Yahoo Local, and YouTube for video product reviews. 

AmazonProductAdvertising, GoogleMaps, YahooLocal, YouTube 

Tell Outalot where you are and it will show you the nearest restaurants, shops, bars, and movie theaters. Bookmark, rate, and share your favorite places. Broadcast your location via Twitter. Available online and on iPhone or other mobile devices. 

Twitter, GoogleMaps, FireEagle 


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