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Bastille Day

Map of Bastille Day Event Locations in the United States. 

DUI Map is Google map based a heat map showing concentrations of fatal DUI accidents. The purpose of the map is to highlight the most dangerous areas where drunk driving accidents occur. 

MapLarge, GoogleMapsFlash 
Florida Public School Scores

Interactive Map of FCAT Scores by School, District and Zip Code. FCAT Stands for Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test. Uses Google Maps and the MapLarge API 

MapLarge, GoogleMaps 
Florida Roads

The Florida Traffic Growth Map highlights the busiest roads and highways in Florida from 2005-2007. The purpose of the map is to highlight roads and highways that are under stress.  

MapLarge, GoogleMapsFlash 
Georgia Roads

The Georgia Traffic Growth Maps highlight the busiest roads and highways using Georgia DOT road and Highway traffic counts. The map highlights the pace of change and increased utilization of our deteriorating infrastructure.  

MapLarge, GoogleMapsFlash 
Hooky Map

Map of Florida Kids Skipping School. See Attendance records for every school, zip code and school district.  

MapLarge, GoogleMaps 
Japan Earthquake Map

Map of the recent Japan Earthquake and Seismic Activity leading up to it. 

MapLarge, GoogleMaps 
Madoff Map

The Madoff Victim Map displays the locations and density of Madoff clients. The map is interactive and the Madoff Client List is searchable. The purpose of the map is to reveal the extent of the Madoff Ponzi Scheme in different areas of the country. 

MapLarge, GoogleMapsFlash

Interactive Map of Cancer Rates in New York and nationwide in the US.  

MapLarge, GoogleMaps 
Party Map

Where the Political Parties like to Party. Map of fundraiser, lobbying and other political parties and their beneficiaries.  

MapLarge, GoogleMapsFlash 
Risky Roads

Using the Google Maps Flash API maps the concentration of fatal accidents that occur within 1000 feet of one another. The result is a heat map that emphasizes the country's worst hot spots for traffic fatalities. 

MapLarge, GoogleMapsFlash 
TV Map

Use the TV Map to find out when your TV stations are converting to Digital Broadcast. 

MapLarge, GoogleMapsFlash 


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