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Track your own and your friends travels 

Panoramio, GoogleMaps, GeoNames 
WoMEn index

Measuring world's musical energy average emission intersecting user data from and song energy data from echonest. 

LastFM, EchoNest 
World Airport and Airspace Database

Database of over 11,000 airfields and airports across the world, from major internationals like New York, Paris and London to more out-of the way airstrips like Antartica. 

World and Regional Earthquakes

The maps on this site show the location and details of thousands of earthquakes. Specific maps have been created for regions where there is substantial earthquake activity, including New Zealand, North America, South America, East Asia and Australia. 

World Cruising Guide

A forum for cruising sailors to share information, local knowledge, experiences and advice in ports and anchorages around the world.  

World Cup 2006 Map

Nice Virtual Earth mashup that shows the locations of the FIFA World Cup. Good hovers with details of stadiums and matches. 

World Cup 2006 Map

FIFA, World Cup Soccer 2006 map. Latest team news via Yahoo FIFA 2006 World Cup Soccer RSS feeds and Goolge News feeds. 

World Cup News Map

A map mashup which shows locations of 32 participating countries along with Team News (via Google News) and Team Blogs (via 

World Cup Roster Maps

View the club teams for players on each of the national team rosters in this summers tournament. 

World Cup Soccer - Latest GeoTagged YouTube Videos

A Google Maps mashup of latest GeoTagged YouTube videos tagged with keywords World Cup Soccer and with a category of News or Sports. The Information window for each YouTube video lists location along with address and description of the video. 

YouTube, GoogleMaps 
World Cup Soccer 2010 Venues

A map mashup of World Cup Soccer 2010 Venues along with a StreetView look at the venues. 

World Cup Soccer Tweets

A map mashup showing the latest tweets related to World Cup Soccer 2010, from around the world. 

Twitter, GoogleMaps 
World Hang Gliding Sites

A Google Maps interface to a database of thousands of hang gliding and paragliding sites around the world, with a feed to show the same in Google Earth. 

World Livability

An interactive map, showing the best places in the world to live.  

World News Maps

Color is used to represent newsworthiness of news stories from the Washington Post RSS news feed plotted on a Google Map. 

World Newsvine Map

World news updated hourly from feeds. 

World of Warcraft Maps

Unusual use of the Google Maps API to control a non-Google map, in this case from the game World of Warcraft. It behaves just a like a Google Map using zoom, pan and drag controls. 

World Port Source

World Port Source provides interactive satellite images, maps and contact information for 645 ports throughout the world. 

GoogleMaps, GoogleAdWords 
World Speaks about Obesity

Picks up tweets from Twitter related to obesity, finding the geo location of the user and plotting it on a Google map. 

Twitter, GoogleMaps 
World Sports Team and Stadium Search

Search sports teams and stadiums from around the world. View sports stadiums on satellite imagery. Get directions to sports teams and stadiums, and plot your route on Google Maps. Leagues listed include NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, and many more. 



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