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Visually see your twitter followers in a tree. 


TwitShop uses the real-time power of Twitter to search for personal sale, trade and auction items. 

Twitter, TwitPic 
Twitstant - Twitter Instant Search

Like Google Instant, but this uses Twitter's Search API to search Twitter instantly. As the user types, this mashup quickly provides tweet results. 

Twitter Birthday

Follow @TwBirthday to be reminded of your friends' twbirthday (day they began using Twitter). 

Twitter Compressor

A small application that will compress and capitalize your text.  

Twitter echochamber?

See how people who recently tweeted a particular tag or term are connected. 

Twitter, GoogleSocialGraph 
Twitter Gaki Attack

Cool ninja attacks that you can send to your friends on Twitter. 

Twitter Links

Lets you see all the links from any Twitter timeline (user + his/her friends). 

Twitter Meets Amazon Wishlist

Based on the date of a special event in your life, this service announces/tweets your event with a link to your Amazon wish list, allowing your Twitter followers to buy you stuff off your list to help you celebrate. 

Twitter, LongURL, AmazonProductAdvertising 
Twitter Mood Reader

Sentiment analysis is performed by extracting words of positive or negative meanings from Twitter status, and animated smiley then is drawn accordingly 

Twitter, GoogleAppEngine 
Twitter Power Search

Twitter realtime feed. iGoogle style drag and drop with Twitter power search. Search current daily and weekly trends. Search TwitPics and audio. 

Twitter, TwitPic, Blipfm 
Twitter Search Badge

Build a Twitter Search Badge in 15 Minutes. This is a case-hardened JavaScript badge that searches Twitter. Also included is a 15-slide presentation that will walk you through the full development process. 

Twitter Search Box

Using Greasemonkey, this utility enables you to enhance by adding a search box to search tweets and help you find out what's happening right now. 

Twitter Sentiment

Visualize positive and negative sentiments on Twitter. See the distribution via Google Chart API. 

Twitter, GoogleChart 
Twitter Spy

Displays the Twitter public timeline in real-time with Google Maps integration. 

Twitter, GoogleMaps 
Twitter Top Trend Heat Map

Heat map representation and visualization of the top trends on Twitter within a given time period.  

Twitter Trends Tagged

This mashup feeds the semantic web service Calais every five minutes with the most recent tweets behind the current twitter trends in order to determine tags for these trends. With the resulting tag set at your fingertips. 

Twitter, Calais 

A simple app that monitors and emails you your replies.  


TwitterCamp is an application that shows Twitter messages on the screen in a format that is easy and quick to view. It is designed for conferences, events and seminars where showing public Twitter streams makes the event enjoyable. 

Twitter, TwilioSMS, Twilio 

Search for Twitter users with related interests. 



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