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GeoChirp helps you search real time for people Twittering for specific things in a specific area. Translate tweets in any language. You can even search Twitter globally for anything.  

MaxMindGeoIP, GoogleTranslate, GoogleMaps,, Twitter 

GeoImpress provides a completely new way to search for places all over the world. Integrates Google Maps, Flickr, and Twitter. 

Twitter, GoogleMaps, Flickr 

Geolover is a tool for tourists and travelers. Build your own travel guide and take it with you. Combines APIs including Foursquare, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr. 

YouTube, Twitter, GoogleStaticMaps, GoogleMapsData, GoogleMaps, Foursquare, Flickr 

Measure and share real-time local Twitter trends. App uses Twitter, Google Maps and Yahoo Term Extraction APIs.  

YahooTerms, Twitter, GoogleStaticMaps, GoogleMaps, GoogleAppEngine 
GeoTwitter #ll

Helps you get better geo location interaction on Twitter. Tweet from your office, coffee shop, restaurant, or park and know exactly where your friends are. 

Twitter, GoogleMaps 

A mashup showing tweets on a Google Map. View results via keyword search. 

Twitter, GoogleMaps - Twitter Till Judgement Day is a twitter mashup that keeps track of your good and back deeds. You can compare your good deeds with the others bad ones or just get a feeling for what kind of evil is going on in the twitterverse. 

Google Hot Trends + Twitter + Google Maps

Google Maps Mashup of Twitter Searches which contain keyword from Google Hot Trends. 

Twittervision, Twitter, GoogleMaps 
Got Search: Google and Twitter

Search mashup: Google blogs plus Twitter in the same timeframe on the same screen. 

Twitter, GoogleAjaxFeeds 
GotNew Directions and Tickets Near You

Figures out user's location either using Yahoo FireEagle or IP address, and lists events near the user's location. User can share searched events on Twitter, Facebook or Myspace. Deep links to Ticketmaster website for purchasing tickets. 

YahooMaps, YahooGeocode, Twitter 
GratefulApp is a web application for creating micro-posts ("grateful messages") via twitter or the website to our soldiers here and overseas.  

Twitter, Akismet 

Search Twitter hashtags for Instagram photos, displayed in realtime and in a slideshow format. 

Twitter, Instagram, AmazonEC2 
How Does Twitter Feel?

Find out quickly the sentiment on Twitter about a given topic. This is just like the service that used to be provided by Summize. 

UClassify, Twitter 
How I Knew You Were the One

A collection of moments from the luckiest people on earth, sharing how they met the ones they love. 

Twitter, TwilioSMS, Twilio 

Twitter's cheats, tweaks, tools. 

Human Weather iPhone App

Weaves real-time, geographically matched user comments from Twitter that provide perspective on the temperature. Also integrates a clothing advisor to show you what people are wearing in your specified location. Link goes to Apple iTunes. 

Hurricane Ike: Twitter Chatter + YouTube Videos

See in realtime the Twitter chatter about Hurricane Ike and the videos posted on YouTube. 

YouTube, Twittervision, Twitter 
Identica Badge Prototype is a microblogging service based on the Free Software Laconica tool. Here's a prototype badge, based on Laconica RSS feeds and Yahoo Pipes. 

iHear Network

iHear Network for Android lets you hear what people are saying in your neighborhood or you can "teleport" to a different location and hear what's going on there. 

Twitter, GoogleMaps 
Infinite Monkey Comics

Infinite Monkey Comics presents a random image from Flickr superimposed with some text off of Twitter, based on keywords of your choosing. Think of it like the Infinite Monkey Theorem, but instead of Shakespeare the monkeys are creating comics. 

Twitter, Flickr 


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