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Child Soldier Cycle '11

Child Soldier Cycle raises awareness in North America of the child soldiering atrocities going on in other parts of the world.  

Twitter, TwilioSMS, Twilio, Facebook 

Click2Message uses the Broadsoft platform to connect to users via their phone. Whether it is their mobile, land line, or voip phone. Additionally, it uses the MyVox platform to do voice recordings which will soon be available to all users. 

Facebook, BroadsoftXtended, MyVox 

Dial a phone number and log the call in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 system using ClicktoDial. 


This is an application that allows you send SMS within the US using your Android phone via cloud service provided by Twilio. Saves money for people who don't use SMS often; pay only 2c per message when you use Twilio to send or receive SMS. The current version also provides you a way to receive SMS sent to your Twilio number via email.  

TwilioSMS, GoogleAppEngine 
CNET Shopping Services go Mobile

Search for tech products on CNET on the go using your mobile phone. Use the keyword cnetprice followed by the product name, example: ipod, macbook, dell laptop, zune etc. Search using WAP, SMS or Email. Get response with links to reviews. 

CNET, 411Sync 
CNN Sports Photos via Phone

View CNN Sports photos on your WAP device. In your phone browser, go to Then enter keyword cnnsipic. Or enter the keyword from the Web and send it to your phone. 

College Football Headlines

Get the latest college football headlines on your mobile phone using SMS, WAP and Email. These headlines are obtained from Use the keyword rivals followed by the state, i.e. ca, wa, az etc. 

Color Pal

Android application to help choose the correct color palette. Color Pal allows you to quickly browse and search through the most popular and newest color palettes from Easily save palettes to your favorites or email them to a friend. 


A Ruby-on-Rails (v2.3.5) application designed to receive any sort of message from any sort of system and send it over SMS (via Twilio), email or instant message. There are facilities to send directly to contacts or groups, to respect time windows, to base delivery on keywords and to ignore messages based on patterns. It will throttle messages globally if they are coming too quickly. 

TwilioSMS, Twilio 
Comparison Price Shop by Phone

Use this service to obtain comparison shopping information on your cell phone via SMS, WAP and Email. This mashup integrates the RSS feeds from Nextag with the 411Sync Mobile API. 

Congress Sunlight Foundation Android App

Congress is an app for Google Andriod pones that is a pocket Congressional directory. Uses the Sunlight Labs API to show you up-to-date info about members of Congress, and to pull in updates from members Twitter and YouTube accounts. 

YouTube, Yahoo, Twitter, SunlightLabsCongress is a quick and easy way to share your contact information with anyone on the go. Send one text message with your email, phone number or Twitter username and will automagically deliver a message to them with your business card. This solution does not require you to share the same device, application or social network to connect.  

Twitter, Twilio, Facebook 
Create a Custom API for Siri Using SendGrid's Parse API

This hack was created at [MoDevEast in Washington DC]( It was designed to be a proof of concept of how you can use the fact that Siri can send emails along with [SendGrid's Parse API]( to create your own custom Siri API. When you are done with this tutorial, you will be able to ask Siri to motivate you and Siri will oblidge by calling you via Twilio to tell you "You are Awesome." :) I hope that you take this concept to the next level and dream up interesting things for Siri to do. At the [SendGrid Mobile Hackday]( a few developers asked Siri to check them into Foursquare, post to Twitter and remotely launch apps on their Macs. 

Twilio, SendGrid 
Cricket Photos on WAP

Get photos from the latest cricket matches on your WAP-capable phone. Enter in your mobile phone browser and use the keyword cricketphotos. 

Crime Near You

iPhone App which shows top crime cities (US Only) around your current location in various categories (Murder/Auto Theft/Burgalary/Property Theft/Violent Crime) - Data is sourced from FBI 


Cronote lets you send email and SMS messages into the future, using the Twilio and Twilio SMS APIs. 

TwilioSMS, Twilio 
Currency Conversion by Mobile Phone

Currency Conversion gives exchange rates between 2 currencies by cell phone. Via WAP, SMS and Email. 

Custom Song Sender is a service for sending Valentines and Birthday songs to your friends.  

Cute Overload Photos on Phones

This is a mashups of Cute Overload photos and 411Sync Mobile API. Using the search keyword cuteoverload, you can view these photos on WAP capable phones. 

Daily Horoscope by Phone

Get daily horoscopes from on your mobile phone using SMS, WAP or Email. Simply use the keyword dailyhoro and get an extended summary of whats lined up for the day 



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