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3d Movie Store

A walkin virtual 3d movie store that pulls dvds and blue rays from amazon. 

GoogleO3D, GoogleAjaxSearch, GoogleAJAXLanguage, AmazonProductAdvertising 

ActorTracker takes feeds of upcoming television shows, movies and celebrity news combined into a shopping experience with merchandise from Amazon and eBay 

EBay, AmazonProductAdvertising 

Music and movie discovery web site. Search over 18 million people, albums, movies and songs. 

Amazon widgets

Web widgets that display Amazon items and earn referral revenue through Amazon Associates. Browser is an Amazon mini browser. List displays wish lists, baby and wedding registries, List Mania lists. Latest and Greatest shows bestsellers and new releases. 

Netvibes, GoogleHomepage, AmazonProductAdvertising 

The blueorganizer is the smart browser extension for Firefox. With this organizer the web turns into everyday objects like books, cars, restaurants and movies. Collect things with 1 click, find new information and share what you find with your friends. 

YouTube, YahooShopping, YahooMaps, Technorati, LastFM, Google, GoogleMaps, Flickr, EBay,, CafePress, AmazonS3, AmazonProductAdvertising

Click on the photo of celebrities like Anna Kournikova, Jeff Bridges and Alex Rodriguez to his or her favorite restaurants, hotels, parks, concert venues, and museums in the cities they call home. 

Celebrity Maps

Google maps and Celebrity web data combined to see exactly where your favorite celebrity lives.  

Celebrity Photos Gallery

A dyanamic collection of celebrity photo galleries. Data comes from Yahoo Image Search and Yahoo Search. 

Yahoo, YahooImages 
Celebrity Photos on Cell Phones

Use this service to obtain celebrity photos on WAP cell phones. This service has been implemented using the Yahoo Image Search API and the 411Sync Mobile API 

YahooImages, 411Sync 
Celebrity Sexy Video Finder

Not safe for work, NSFW. Search and find all sexy YouTube and Google videos of your favorite female and male celebrities. Contains adult content. 

YouTube, GoogleAjaxSearch 

Mashup for finding celebrity videos. Uses tags from TagTooga with videos from YouTube, Google Video or Grouper. 

YouTube, TagTooga, GrouperVideo 

German movie portal. Uses APIs from YouTube, Google Maps and Amazon. 

YouTube, GoogleMaps, AmazonProductAdvertising 

CoverSlide helps track down lost cover art for mp3s, movies, books, and video games. Ruby on Rails and Ajax make it convenient to select from a vast amount of cover art thumbnails to choose the perfect one without leaving the page. 


Recommendation engine that uses YouTube as a source for videos. 


CueThat is is a browser plugin that allows you to select a movie title on any webpage and send that movie directly to your Netflix queue.  

Da Vinci Code Locations

Map mashup showing all the locations from the Da Vinci Code book and movie including the Rose line. 


DARAO is a YouTube viewer for lazybones. DARAO plays YouTube featured movies automatically without clicks. 

DaVinci Tour Maps

Tour the locations of the Da Vinci Code on this Google Map. Includes locations and routes in France, UK, and Italy. 

Desert Island Lists

Top-1o style lists of cross-referenced songs, artists, albums, films, actors, directors and reviews. Searchable and available to buy online via Amazon and eBay. 

EBay, AmazonProductAdvertising 
Discovr Movies

There are so many movies in the world today. How do you find a new movie to watch? Discovr Movies makes it easy to find a new movie that you'll like. The app is an interactive map of the world of movies. It makes it fun to discover new movies to watch. You can navigate through the entire interconnected ecosystem of hundreds of thousands of movies and find new movies that are similar to movies that you like. Discovr Movies is out now for iPhone, iPad, and Mac OSX. 

YouTube, RoviCloudServices, RottenTomatoes 


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