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Hycke helps you to discover what movie, tv show or music you should like, based on your tastes. With recommendations for movies, tv shows and music 

TheTVDBcom, LastFM 
Hype List

An elegant interface combined with a simple focus on one thing. Who is hot today. Hype-list finds the people within entertainment, business and sports news and presents the hot names in an appealing and functionally simple interface. 


The Independent Film Channel is the first channel entirely dedicated to presenting independent film, unedited and commercially uninterrupted 24 hours a day. IFC has integrated the Userplane APIs as part of their social platform. 


imagegallery leverages the AOL Pictures, Facebook, Google AdWords, Google Ajax Search, Google App Engine, Google Search, and Images API to bring different kinds of images to the site.  

Images, Google, GoogleAppEngine, GoogleAjaxSearch, GoogleAdWords, Facebook, AOLPictures 
IMDB Top 250 movies list

If that film is in the Top 250 list at the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) youíll get the IMDB ratings for the film, itís position in the IMDB Top 250 and other information about the film. You can try it yourself using either a Skype or SIP connection: skype:+990009369991428691 


InstantPlex lets users browse the Netflix instant watch library. Discover, queue and watch trailers, movies and T.V. shows. View your favorite actor's Twitter feed and share favorites with your friends on Facebook. 

Twitter, TheMovieDB, RottenTomatoes, Netflix, GetGlue, Freebase, Facebook, YouTube

Are you the type of person who likes to be organized? Have you ever seen something cool and can't remember if you already own it? Then you'll love -- an aggregator of everything you own. 

Twitter, JanrainEngage, LOCSRW, FriendFeed, Facebook,, AmazonS3 

Create YouTube playlists with your favorite music or videos, import them into iTunes, share it with your friends, add them to your MySpace or Facebook. 

YouTube, MySpace 
Japanese YouTube Mashup

Search YouTube videos through this Japanese search interface. 

JoomFlix - Mashing Joomla

Mashup of Joomla!, Amazon and Internet Video Archive. 

InternetVideoArchive, AmazonFulfillmentWebService 

Listmania cc is a collection of book lists and film lists. Listmania cc will improve the experience of browsing and reviewing all these lists. 

AmazonProductAdvertising, AmazonEC2 

ListTube is a YouTube application for iPhone. Your favorite movies on YouTube are related to a playlist on iPhone through ListTube. * Feature - YouTube video search with suggest. - Easy creating a list and adding movie. - Background audio play. - Movie cache. - Loop play.  

Magg Movie Aggregator

Mashup that aggregates movies from various video sites including YouTube, MetaCafe, Veoh and MySpace. 


Watch videos and movies about technology, sports, funny things, news, movie trailers, and more. 


Track new releases for books, movies, music, and video games. Add authors, actors, directors, musicians, publishers, etc. to favorites and get notified when new releases come out from that list. 

LastFM, Goodreads, AmazonProductAdvertising 

Metajam is a mobile web site that provides you with quick facts and figures about the world of movies, music and TV. Metajam uses Freebase; freely licensed under CC-BY. Descriptions may include content from Wikipedia. With the exception of some images, Wikipedia content is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. 

Miami Vice Movie Map

Use this movie mashup to learn about points of cultural, historical, and criminal interest in Miami. 

Most Trusted Celebrities

Forbes list of the most Trusted Celebrieties in American. Mapped with links to Google Videos. 

Movie Finder

This mashup filters out movies with low critic scores to make it easier to focus on the good ones. 

Movie Info Search

Search millions of local and international movie titles and video trailers from YouTube. Also has links to Google for more information about your search term. 



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