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A historical library of Academy Award-nominated films. A visual carousel with information from Wikipedia and Amazon. A cover-flow style interface to film history. 

Wikipedia, AmazonProductAdvertising 
Otaku Search

Mashup of Flickr, YouTube and Amazon. Find photos, movies, items of Japanese anime, comics and games. 

YouTube, Flickr, AmazonProductAdvertising 

Popscopic is what happens when Billboard and Best Buy are mashed up with augmented reality and gestural navigation. Turn on your web cam and check out Popscopic. 

Billboard, BestBuyBBYOpenProducts 

Posterizer is the best way to show what movies you love. Create a virtual poster wall with posters from you favorite movies. Export your poster wall to an image, and make it your new desktop background or facebook cover! 

TheMovieDB, Facebook 

Share your Netflix queues quickly, easily and anonymously. No registration or authentication, just a quick copy/paste. 

Netflix, GoogleAppEngine 

Qup is a web application that combines Netflix and Rotten Tomatoes into a handy notification service for movie buffs.  

RottenTomatoes, Netflix 

Japanese site lets you search YouTube videos classified by age and category like music, games, and anime. 

YouTube, AmazonProductAdvertising is a website to find and listen online to soundtracks. Amazon integration provides details.  

Rocky Horror Showings List

Find showings of the Rocky Horror Picture Show using the RHPS Official Fan Club database of theaters. Listings, maps, and even KML files for Google Earth are available. 


The kitchen sink. Internet search, weather, movies, sms, rss, airfare search, image aearch, meebo, amazon search, stocks data, etc. 


ScreenTunes helps you find out which movie you might have heard a particular song in. Or, if you heard a song in a movie recently but don't know the name, you can find that, too. Also uses data from the IMDB, and links with the iTunes store. 

Seattle Movie Finder

An early use of the MSN Virtual Earth APIs to find movies by location in the Seattle area. 


A site that aims to make it easier to decide what movies you can watch with your friends. 

YahooBBauth, AmazonProductAdvertising, YouTube 
Show Time Maps

Find movie times, compare them quickly between theaters, all on top of an interactive map-based interface. Purchase tickets at many of the theaters listed. 

Silver Lake Film Festival

Film festival website that uses Bigtribe-Geohana in conjunction with a Google Map to provide venue location information and to allow attendees to locate nearby restaurants and invite their friends to events and so on. 

GoogleMaps, BigTribe 

similarkind helps you find stuff similar to a particular thing of your interest. For example, you wish to find movies similar to "The Dark Knight", or TV-shows similar to "Friends". 

SmartFlicks: Netflix on BlackBerry

Get NetFlix on your BlackBerry with SmartFlicks. Built using the NetFlix API it lets you manage your Netflix account, read movie reviews, and view movie news. 


SofaTube is a specially designed web application that lets you browse and watch videos from YouTube and Revver in your living room where viewers are usually sitting far away from their standard or high definition television. 

Spoiler 4 Movie

Movie Spoiler website combining trailers from YouTube and DVD-Soundtracks from Amazon. 

YouTube, AmazonProductAdvertising 
Streaming Criterions

This mashup shows all the Criterion films available to view using Netflix Instant Streaming 



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