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Tanglewood Music Center

Displays the hometowns of the Tanglewood Music Centers 157 fellows, who come from 18 contries and 5 continents. Options include viewing by instrument/field of study, or entire class plotted at once. Music From Israel's Finest Beach

Using two TouTube players, DB, Ajax and PHP logic to create a radio experience. Includes breaks, jingles and comments via the Youtube data API. 


Tastebuds is a dating service that uses the API to match single people based on their music tastes. 

YahooQueryLanguage, MusicBrainz, LastFM 
TEST2 - Vishal Mashup 2

This is only for testing purposes Added this note at 4:17 my time. ws 

Superbreak, 21FortyMedicalDistrictSlideShowD 

TextListen is a mobile music service. Just text the artist and name of a song you want to hear. The service will call you back and play the song for you on the speaker. 

TwilioSMS, Twilio 
That Was My Jam

Full track history for all This Is My Jam users. 

The Amazing Baconizer

Connecting a million popular culture dots via the Amazon API. Describe two items and see how they're linked by consumer preference via intermediate items. Choose from books, CDs, or films, and you can mix and match. 

The Arcade Fire Hypecloud

A tag cloud that tracks the words most commonly used to describe Arcade Fire CD Neon Bible. Built using the tagline generator at 

The byrds and the bee(gees)

The byrds and the bee(gees) is a fun way to see what music was popular 9 months before your birth. It pulls information from multiply sources and showcases it in a nifty interface.  

Wikipedia, SpotifyMetadata, EchoNest, BilleoActiveeWallet, Billboard 
The Cloud Player

An iTunes-clone for the browser. Built on the SoundCloud API, jQuery and Google App Engine. 

SoundCloud, GoogleAppEngine 
The Echo Chamber

The Echo Chamber uses The Echo Nest recommendations to create a personalized radio station using the Imeem music catalog. 

Imeem, EchoNest 
The Explorer

The Explorer uses the Youtube and New York Times APIs to give the user cool ways to find videos and get the latest news. It also has a youtube music playlist creator that allows the user to put in up to 5 artists, then it compiles a playlist for the user 

YouTube, NewYorkTimesArticleSearch 
The Global Map of Musicians

Plot yourself and collaborate. Find a teacher, start a group, promote your music, share a gig or trade gear local! 

Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, JSONTools, GooglePlus, GoogleMaps, GoogleAnalytics, geocoder, Facebook 
The Hype Machine

Winner of Best Mashup at Mashup Camp 3 in Jan 2007. The Hype Machine is an experiment that keeps track of songs and discussion posted on the best blogs about music. 

The Music Feed

Featuring free, unlimited MP3 downloads by independent artists and DJs from the Underground Music Spot plus your favorite mainstream artists. Mashup of the Underground Music Spot and Interactive Digital Music. 

YahooSocialDirectory, Twtfm, Twitter, Tumblr, Tinysong, TinyURLOpen, LinkedIn, ILike, Grooveshark, GoogleWebmasterTools, GoogleCustomSearch, GoogleBuzz, GoogleAppEngine, GoogleAnalytics, GoogleAjaxSearch, GoogleAjaxFeeds, GoogleAdSense, FacebookSocialPlugins, Facebook 
The Rap Map

Mapping the Gangsta Terrain of the Planet, Rap Genius plots important locations in rap history, as well those mentioned in popular lyrics. It's a rap-tacular jaunt through rap trivia. 

The Social Music Mashup Site

Music information and community member communication spaces are offered this social music mashup site.  

YouTube, Technorati, SimpleAPI, Lingr, LastFM, AmazonProductAdvertising 
The Tour Map

Interactive Google Map of Live Concert Tours, Music Videos and Biographies for popular performers on tour. 

YouTube, GoogleMaps, AmazonProductAdvertising 
The Wilderness Downtown

This is an interactive music video for the indie rock group Arcade Fire. It places users in the video by using the google maps api to simulate the neighborhood they grew up in. An animated runner is rendered using html5 over streetview and air photo maps. 

This Falderal

A continuous stream of videos from YouTube by (or related to) the rock band, The Decemberists. 



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