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Bible Meets News via Say4

Say4 gets the latest news from an RSS feed of the BBC, puts the title of each one of the headlines into a search of a database containing the full text of the Bible. The results are sometimes surprising. 

Big & Bold

Your daily read, Big, Bold and configurable. Build your own Favorites list and then move back from that monitor. Morning coffee, Big & Bold, you're up to speed and good to go! 

WeatherUndergroundWunderground, GoogleMaps Desktop auf Ihrem Desktop - Nachrichten genau nach Ihrem Geschmack. Note: this application is available in German only. 

Twitter, Facebook, 
Blog Value Calculator

This applet uses the Technorati API to compute and display what your blog is worth using the same link to dollar ratio as done in the AOL-Weblogs Inc. deal. 

Boxing 360

Boxing 360 is dedicated to the development of prizefighters. FanFeedr's API powers Boxing 360's feed of the latest news from the boxing world. 

Breaking New Map Flash

Maps the news to the world map. Allows you to set the time limit for news reading and to select the news categories. Uses Google Maps Flash API and Reuters Spotlight. 

ReutersSpotlight, GoogleMapsFlash 
Breaking News Headlines is a web site launched exclusively for busy users. It aims at providing precise and latest news from all the leading newspapers and TV news channels, all on one page. Different categories have been defined for various sections like Sports, Business, Education, Health etc. So you can find the news on the topics of your choice easily.  

Yahoo, Evri, Bing 
Bulletin is a data sharing application and a mashup engine to organize information under country, city and organization, known as geo. Check out what is going in your geo. 

YouTube, YahooLocal, YahooAnswers, Technorati, MicrosoftBing, hostip, GoogleBase, Flickr, Eventful,, Blogger 
Business News by Phone

Get Business News headlines for a specific company on your cell phone: SMS, Email, WAP. This uses the RSS feed from Yahoo Finance and integrates with the 411Sync Mobile API. 

Business of Baseball on Google Maps

Google Maps Mashup of Forbes data on the Most valuable teams in MLB. Also includes Yahoo Sports MLB RSS feeds. 

BusinessWeek with LinkedIn

BusinessWeek magazine will use the LinkedIn API to embed links within content that allows you to click on a company name and see who you are connected to via LinkedIn. Note: not yet live as of Dec 11th 2007. 


Mashup of what's hot using the Yahoo! Buzz index to show the day's most popular search queries on Yahoo! Updated hourly with sections on Music, Movies, Sports, and Games. 


Provides the latest hot news on the Web from different popular sources including Twitter and YouTube.  

YouTube, Twitter, Bloglines 

Buzztap provides the latest buzz for the players on your Yahoo! Fantasy Sports teams from over 6000 sources. This includes updates from top fantasy sports sites, popular blogs and discussion boards, twitter, and mainstream news oganizations.  

YahooFantasySports, Twitter 

Californian Places Search Engine. 

Panoramio, NewYorkTimesArticleSearch, GoogleMapsData, GoogleMaps, GoogleAdSense, Flickr 
Call The News

With Call the News you are the local news reporter. Call in and record your news report. Your call is then added to the site within seconds to share with the world. 

Cartoon Muhammad Riots Map

This is a Google map displaying all reported riots and demonstrations that occured in the aftermath of the publication of cartoons representing the Muslim prophet Muhammad in a Danish newspaper. 

CBS News Top Stories

Google Maps and KML news feed. 

Celebrity CryoSites

Images, videos, and news about your favorite celebrities from Yahoo, YouTube and Technorati. 

YouTube, YahooImages, Technorati 

Front-end to WebMD information and MedScapes News items designed for the iPhone or iPod Touch, or you can view it in the Safari 3.0 Beta. It uses published links and news feeds by WebMD. 



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