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Digg Arkayne

Interface with Digg API and RSS feeds to get lists of daily top posts. Mashes with Arkayne API to find related content. Creates lists of articles around each Digg topic. 

Digg, Arkayne 
Digg Bury Recorder

Ajaxonomy's Digg Bury Recorder records the buries that a given Digg story receives including the reason for the bury, the number of diggs a story has at the time of the bury, the time and date of the bury and the number buries. 

GoogleChart, Digg 
Digg Charts

Digg API Contest Finalist: Flex application that generates charts comparing popular stories. Additionally, a graph is generated showing a selected story's popularity over time. The user view allows viewing a users popular submitted stories. 

Digg City

Digg API Contest Finalist: Digg City shows the 10 newest popular stories. The more popular the story gets, the taller the building. When someone diggs the story a stick figure of that user is added. Figure goes inside the building he has just Dugg. 

Digg Diversity

Digg Diversity calculates fair data on digg stories and acts as a alternative front page for users who care more about original content. It is also an excellent example of the very difficult Javascript API. 

Digg Expose

Digg API Contest Finalist: This project takes shots of pages from Digg and displays them in a configurable view. Drag the images around, sort them, or change the category. 

Digg in a Box

An interactive Digg badge in a one-line JavaScript include. Highly configurable, including discussion topics, popular stories, zoom to view readers, and more. 

Digg Mobile

Access all stories from your cell phone. Go to and use the keyword mydigg followed by the user handle. Get back the latest list of stories as well as the digg count. You can also use this keyword from SMS. 

Digg Sidebar for Firefox

A Firefox extension for viewing Digg stories in Firefox sidebar in real time. Uses the Digg API to retrieve the data from Digg. The categories of stories, such as Popular and Upcoming can be chosen. 


Digg + slashdot + are a constant browsing cycle for some and so this site combines them into a unified format, eliminate duplicates and adds some extra niceities., Digg 

Bring v3 directly on your desktop. Browse all the topics and categories. Share news with friends or watch your digg news in a slideshow which is personalized news based on your favorite topics. 


A 2-D shooter game that implements the Digg API. 


A cool blend of and See live updates of what is being dugg and what is being linked. 

A visualization for that shows diggs in realtime on a world map. 

GoogleMaps, Digg 

What you get when you combine, and 


DimePickers is a social sports picks competition that allows visitors to select game winners using current spreads. The FanFeedr API provides score outcomes to determine contest winners.  


Typographic news explorer using a doodled line as an interface. 


Aggreated news feeds in a dynamic Flash interface. 

Dugg Analytics

Rich visualizations, metrics, and stats for Digg. Get charts by category, user, and time. 


DuggBack is a service that lets you quickly find all the available mirrors and web caches for a popular Digg story. 

GoogleMaps, Digg 


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