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Image Cropping For Web Apps

Cropping from inside the browser is great: it’s intuitive and simpler than loading a dedicated image editor. You can crop profile photos, graphics for user profile backgrounds or headers, and any sort of gallery images. 

Added: 2013-08-08

EFPA (Easy Facebook PHP API) library, version 1.3 is a library written to simplify the use of the facebook Graph API. The library simplifies posting, commenting, loading streams with ready-made templates and photo upload all in one command and allows for powerful data retrieval / publishing and data type representation. Making the facebook API as easy as social plugins EFPA was created out of the will of integrating web apps with facebook faster. It is tasks such 'authenticating' that puts off a lot of first time developers. They are forced to use social plugins as a means of having some connection to facebook. This has meant that while the social "copy-paste" plugins have become a viral addition to any web app or website it has left out true communication with the facebook API to the few who could code to a higher degree. A consistent API For those in any level of scripting it is a pain when there are changes to the facebook API (REST to Graph and smaller feature changes etc) where code that developers had written had to be re-learnt and reverted to suit changes. With EFPA being an API to the facebook API itself, it means that changes to the facebook API can occur and be updates while the functions and calls remain the same with EFPA.  

Added: 2012-05-04

Awesome Pics allows you to generate your own Google, Facebook business cards. Put your pic in the Cover Page of Times Magazine, Get clicked in Times Square, New York etc. And publish these pics to your facebook album. 

Added: 2011-06-22

A PHP Wrapper for the SmugMug API 

Added: 2010-11-12
Creating a Facebook photo album with Adobe Flex

This free tutorial steps you through the process of creating a simple application that displays your Facebook photos. Demo and source code included. 

Added: 2009-10-22
Mobypicture PHP class

A PHP class that talks with the Mobypicture API 

Added: 2009-10-02
ActionScript Library for Photobucket API

This Library is designed to mirror objects on the Photobucket servers. There are user, album and media objects that can be used to retrieve and manipulate those objects. 

Added: 2009-03-18
PHP Wrapper for Photobucket API

Implements the request format as shown in the examples. This is 'fluent' syntax and provides a very readable structure. 

Added: 2009-03-18
Java Wrapper for Photobucket API

Provides access to Photobucket API - main client handles proper signing of the request 

Added: 2009-03-18
C# Library for Photobucket API

This is a C# library for Microsoft Silverlight to interact with's web service API. It uses the oAuth C# library found on Google code. 

Added: 2009-03-18
Stripes and Surrealism: Playing with the Moo API

Overview and links to code using the Moo API using Ruby . 

Added: 2008-10-06
MKAbeFook: Cocoa library for Facebook

MKAbeFook for Facebook. Uses the WebKit browser with asynchronous requests, photo uploads, and much more. It can call any API method and returns the result in standard Cocoa types. It is distributed under a BSD style license.  

Added: 2008-07-23
Python for Picasa

In addition to providing some background on the capabilities of the Picasa Web Albums Data API, this guide provides examples for interacting with the API using the Python Google Data Client Library. 

Added: 2008-07-15
Python Wrapper for Flickr API

From the site:A Python wrapper and example scripts for the Flickr API. It returns nice objects that are easy to manipulate:  

Added: 2008-07-08
PHP Wrapper for Flickr API

From the site:Phlickr is a PHP5 library designed to wrap the web service API provided by Flickr, a web based photo storage service. Phlickr requires that PHP5 be compiled with the CURL and SimpleXML extensions.  

Added: 2008-07-08
Objective-C Wrapper for Flickr API

ObjectiveFlickr is a Flickr API framework written in Objective-C. It aims to simplify the work needed for creating a Flickr desktop application on OS X. 

Added: 2008-07-08
Perl Wrapper for Flickr API

Perl interface to the Flickr API 

Added: 2008-07-08
.NET Wrapper for Flickr API

The Flickr.Net API is a .Net Library for accessing the Flickr API. Written entirely in C# it can be accessed from with any .Net language in .Net Framework 1.1, .Net Framework 2.0, .Net Compact Framework 2.0 and Mono. 

Added: 2008-07-08
ActionScript Library for Flickr

as3flickrlib uses ActionScript 3.0 for the online photo sharing application, Flickr. It provides access to the entire Flickr API. 

Added: 2008-07-08
Flickr Upload in Perl

CPAN entry for Perl source to upload photos to Flickr. 

Added: 2008-07-07


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