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This mashup allows users to narrate a story and use their Instagram photos as the backdrop. This is a creative and fun way to share your adventures with friends.  

Added: 2013-08-02
Democrat or Republican

Guess if congress members are democrats or republicans based on photos. 

Added: 2013-07-20
SunlightLabsCongress, AppFog, AmazonS3 

PixtaPlace is a service that lets you look at images from anywhere in the world. Locations are looked up via the Google Maps API and the photographs consist of recent photographs on Instagram and Flickr. 

Added: 2013-07-14
Instagram, GoogleMaps, Flickr 

The best way to find the latest Instagram photos from around the world, or around the corner. 

Added: 2013-05-21

This mashup is an app that will help you discover that new adventure or vacation through amazing photography from some of the most amazing photographers in the world. 

Added: 2013-04-25
Holiday Hypermarket

Visitors can use the Street View camera to take a holiday picture. Users can take as many pictures as they like and then submit them for a chance to win a holiday in Majorca. 

Added: 2013-04-23

iMaze is an immersive web app that allows users to upload images and then convert it into a maze. Then the user has the option to compete with a friend or take it on by himself. 

Added: 2013-04-19
FilePicker, AviaryEffects, 500px 
Caribbean Resorts Mashup

WordPress meets google maps and panoramio photos to create a new way of discovering all inclusive resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico. Caribbean Resorts Mashup - a free informational resource of all inclusive resorts from Mexico, Cuba and Dominican Republic. It brings in one place, the resorts details, quick access to reviews, aerial views maps, Panoramio photos and YouTube videos. 

Added: 2013-04-04
Panoramio, GoogleMaps 
Casefashion Studio

Upload photos, graphics and your artwork to the Studio. Instantly see them on mobile cases, laptop sleeves, fashionable bags and 100+ more products at Zazzle. Personalize gifts for family and friends. Choose an artistic print style for your artwork, or brand your business with your logo and text printed on business cards, stationery - even on wall clocks, dartboads and playing cards!  

Added: 2013-03-14
Wookmark Screensaver

An example use of the Wookmark API to show popular images as a screensaver (with HTML5 fullscreen support). It uses jQuery and the source code is fully documented. 

Added: 2013-02-17

PhotoHab is new professional social networks for photographers featuring blogging, photo sharing, interactive forums, personalized profiles, and place where photographers from all experience levels can share their knowledge and learn from others. 

Added: 2013-01-21
Twitter, LastFM, GoogleOpenID, GoogleMaps, FacebookRealtimeUpdates, Facebook 
This is Now!

This is Now project is a visual composition which uses real-time updates from the ever popular Instagram application based on users geo-tag locations. The tool streams photos instantly as soon as they are uploaded on Instagram and captures a city's movement, in a fluid story. 

Added: 2013-01-09

Pingram allows users to search through Instagram photos using a Pinterest like interface.  

Added: 2013-01-06
Pinterest, Instagram 
100 Destinations

100 Destinations aggregations photos and quotes from sites like Twitter and allows users to experience what I city is like from an insiders perspective.  

Added: 2013-01-04
Twitter, GoogleMaps 
Instant Camera

Instant camera allows users to quickly take and edit a photo and then share it with friends. This application uses the Aviary API.  

Added: 2013-01-01
#API Christmas

#API Christmas is the Nativity Story, remixed through digital media.  

Added: 2012-12-25

Painless sharing of your Flickr images by tag or set across Facebook & Twitter. Group sharing supported and multiple accounts supported. 

Added: 2012-12-08
Twitter, Flickr, FacebookGraph 

BadgePLZ is an Instagram widget for websites.  

Added: 2012-12-05

Art4Europe is an application developed during international competition Hack4Europe, which was hosted by the Europeana Fundation in association with European Commision. For the purpose of the competition the foundation made available its database containing 19 million records in a form of the API providing special data, mainly about the paintings. Application uses the abovementioned database. Art4Europe identifies paintings based on photos taken with a smartphone camera. It was the competition winner in a category of „software of the highest commercial potential”. 

Added: 2012-11-30

A site that lets you choose your Facebook pictures and it will automatically create a collage for you. You can then post that onto Facebook or you can order that picture on and item like a mug, pillow, necklace, etc. 

Added: 2012-11-28
Zazzle, HPLabsMultimediaAnalyticPlatform, HPCloudObjectStorage, FacebookGraph, AmazonS3, AmazonEC2 


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