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Perl Wrapper for Flickr API

Perl interface to the Flickr API 

PHP Wrapper for Flickr API

From the site:Phlickr is a PHP5 library designed to wrap the web service API provided by Flickr, a web based photo storage service. Phlickr requires that PHP5 be compiled with the CURL and SimpleXML extensions.  

PHP Wrapper for Photobucket API

Implements the request format as shown in the examples. This is 'fluent' syntax and provides a very readable structure. 

php, caching and the flickr api |

Short but clear Flickr REST API example with PHP. By Mark Zeman. 


A PHP Wrapper for the SmugMug API 

Python for Picasa

In addition to providing some background on the capabilities of the Picasa Web Albums Data API, this guide provides examples for interacting with the API using the Python Google Data Client Library. 

Python Wrapper for Flickr API

From the site:A Python wrapper and example scripts for the Flickr API. It returns nice objects that are easy to manipulate:  

rFlickr Ruby Library

Max Dunn gives a good overview of the this Ruby gem that wraps the Flickr API. 

rflickr Ruby Wrapper for Flickr API

rflickr is a Ruby implementation of the Flickr API. It includes a faithful reproduction of the published API as well as method encapsulation to provide more useful object mappings. rflickr features result caching to improve performance. 

Scripting Flickr with Python and REST

Article on Flickr programming with Python at By Uche Ogbuji in January, 2006. 

smugmug hacks

Collection of smugmug utilities and hacks created by outside developers. 

Stripes and Surrealism: Playing with the Moo API

Overview and links to code using the Moo API using Ruby . 

Video Tutorial ASP.NET Mashups

See how to create a mashup application that uses ASP.NET AJAX bridging files to access the Flickr and Amazon services, and combines the results in a single user interface. Presented by Joe Stagner 

Flickr, AmazonProductAdvertising 


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