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Connecting to the Betfair API with php and Bflib

This site gives a tutorial on how to get started with connecting to the Betfair using php and an open-source library. 

Create an Amazon storefront using PHP

Two part tutorial on Amazon ECS and PHP by Tyler Anderson at IBM Developerworks. Registration required. 

Credits API Documentation

The Facebook Credits API enables a user to use credits as a method for purchasing digital and virtual goods within an application. 

Delicious Screenshots using

A php script for combining your bookmarks with screenshots. Wordpress plugin in progress. 

DocuSign PHP Sample

A sample PHP application for the DocuSign service. Source is included in the SDK.  

DocuSignEnterprise PHP Helper Library

PHP library for integrating into your applications. 

eBay PHP, Perl, Python Developer Center

Use PHP, Perl, or Python with any of the eBay APIs to interact with eBay servers. 

Eve Online API and PHP

Overview of using the Eve Online API using PHP. 

Explore Amazon Web Services with AJAX

Very informative five part series from Ajax Magazine on using Amazon E-Commerce services. PHP examples. 

Flickr Puzzle Mashup Tutorial

Flickr Puzzle Mashup by Timothy Boronczyk. Shows a sample project in this tutorial—a mini-mashup if you will—that will take a photograph, break it up and present it to the user as simple puzzle. In PHP. 

Freak CMS Light PHP API

this makes use of the core API and gives users a option to host it them selfs. 

Fring Hello World

Build your own mobile application, by following the "Hello World" code sample. See how by few lined of code (.NET or PHP) you can build a simple mobile application which runs on several platforms.  

Geocoding in CakePHP

Overview of geocoding techniques using CakePHP and open APIs. 


Rasmus Lerdorf, creator of PHP and now at Yahoo!, gives this good introduction to the Yahoo! Maps API using PHP and Flash. 

Getting Started With the FriendFeed API and PHP

Short overview and example of using PHP with the FriendFeed API. 

Gluestick PHP Wrapper for Glue

Gluestick is a simple object-oriented implementation of the Glue API for PHP. It takes advantage of PHP's magic methods to make a more intuitive interface for developers: rather than learning a new set of methods, you just use Glue's native meth 

Google Friend Connect for Drupal

Drupal plugin integrates Google Friend Connect and the native Drupal authentication mechanisms. Lets any site visitor access the different secured sections of the site just like a native registered user, by using the single-click Friend Connect button. 

Google Maps Applications Development

Good book on using PHP and Ajax with Google Maps. Covers nuances to using the API. By Michael Purvis, Jeffrey Sambells, Cameron Turner. 350 pages, published by Apress, Aug 2006. 

How many Diggs? Intro to Using the Digg API

Introduction to using the Digg API using PHP. 

How to build a Maps Mash-up

Yahoo! Maps tutorial using PHP and JavaScript. From Dan Theurer. 



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