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PHP Class for Opendada

Opendada ringtone search API Wrapper for PHP 

PHP Class for Pownce API

New PHP class for Pownce API 

PHP Class for Raven Tools API

PHP class to access the Raven Tools API. 

PHP Class for Raven Tools API

This PHP class provides an interface to the Raven Tools API. You must have an active Raven Tools account and an API key. 

PHP Class for the Google Analytics API

Simple code showing how to log into the Google Analytics API using PHP and CURL using Username/Password Authentication. Wraps the login code up into a class with methods for logging in and then calling API functions. 

PHP Code Examples (REST API)


PHP Code Samples

PHP Code Samples for the Group Texting REST API 

PHP example code library

Example code for PHP with examples for getting products, product listings, search, recommandations and the basket. 

PHP for Voxbone API

Use this PHP library to make calls to the Voxbone telephony APIs. 

PHP Libraries

IntelePeer PHP libraries with examples for placing standard calls and conference calls. 

PHP Library for Facebook

PHP 5 client library for the Facebook API. Wraps the core functions of the Facebook Platform. 

PHP Library for Guardian UK Open Platform

A client library to assist PHP developers to build applications for The Guardian UK Open Platform. 

PHP Library for the MoneyBird API

A PHP Library for the MoneyBird API. The SaaS service for billing lets you create, manage and send invoices, but also manage your contacts.  

php Tumblr

A PHP class for easily interact with the Tumblr API. 

PHP Tutorial

WareNet is a distributed B2B platform that provides technical information about various kinds of products 

PHP Ultimate eBay Store

A small commercial PHP library for creating an eBay storefront. 

PHP Wrapper for Amazon S3 API

From the site: This class is a standalone S3 REST implementation for PHP 5 using CURL.A PHP implementation with support for reading/writing large objects and streams, access control lists and bucket logging. 

PHP Wrapper for Digg API

This is a PHP digg toolkit, which supports all of the current enpoints documented in the digg API. It supports PHP 4 and does not require PEAR.  

PHP Wrapper for Flickr API

From the site:Phlickr is a PHP5 library designed to wrap the web service API provided by Flickr, a web based photo storage service. Phlickr requires that PHP5 be compiled with the CURL and SimpleXML extensions.  

PHP Wrapper for Google Chart API

from the site:PHP Object wrapper for the Google Chart API. A simple PHP Object wrapper for the Google Chart API. Should help anyone who needs to automate the building of the Google Chart url. Supports all types of charts.  



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