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SilverStripe Google Maps Forum

The SilverStripe open source CMS lets you use Google Maps to get your website forum members to mark their location and build up a world map of all members. 

GoogleMaps yahoolib

Yahoolib is a simple set of PHP functions for adding Yahoo's search web services to PHP scripts. 

Text to Image

Quick tutorial showing you how to easily add this to any project using PHP. 

Thesaurus PHP example

Use the Altervista Thesaurus API from PHP. 

Thmbnl Developer Wiki / FrontPage

Thmbnl developer resources. 

TicketEvolution API source code

Open Source PHP Library for accessing the TicketEvolution API. Requires Zend Framework. 

Tutorials and Examples

Tutorials on how to integrate with HTML, Java, Objective C, and PHP. 


Provides some PHP classes for calling the API. 

Twilio Client for Zend Framework

Zend Framework based client for the Twilio API. Still in the first stages of development. Expect things to change. The example code should remain relatively stable, but there are no guarantees.  

TwilioSMS, Twilio 
Twilio How-To: Call Screening

Often a voice application will have a list of numbers to call in order. If the first number doesn't pick up, then a second number is called etc. For calls that go to voice mail, our solution is to prompt the called number to accept the call. Learn h 

Twilio How-To: Click to Call

Click-to-call enables your company to convert web traffic into direct telephony communication with just the click of a button. Learn how Twilio makes it easy to implement and integrate click-to-call directly into your web application. 

Twilio Voice Recorder Demo

In this Twilio demo, use PHP to build a simple voice recording application similar to a VoiceMail system! This demo uses PHP to demonstrate the basic building blocks of a voicemail system.  

Twishort API Example on PHP

It uses PHP with tmhOAuth library. 

Twishort API Example on PHP

Using PHP and tmhOAuth lib. 

Twitter Integration in phpLD

Allows you to integrate twitter with phpLD, and show all of your latest tweets to your users. 

Upload A Video To Ooyala With PHP

One of the advantages of Ooyala is their nice API. They have some example code for you to use, but one feature that was lacking was uploading. They also have a widget that does do uploading but it is handled through Flash, something I wanted to avoid. 

Using BlueDot SOAP API with PHP

Detailed overview of using the BlueDot API using PHP4 and NuSOAP. 

Using PHP with Carma API

How To use the newly provided PHP5 client to work with the API without dealing with the details of making requests or parsing returned data. 

Using PHP with the Amazon eCommerce API

How to formulate rest queries to use the amazon eCommerce api. A simple store built with eCommerce API using PHP with REST queries. 

Using Speech Input Instead of Touch-Tone

How to use speech input instead of touch-tone input. 



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